No risks when selling designs with print-on-demand


Risk-free printing. That’s what makes it a no-brainer: Look forward to making money on the side with no strings attached. The print-on-demand service creates a product whenever somebody wants it. People all over the world can buy clothing and accessories adorned with your designs, and you won’t need to keep stock. The Internet is your shop floor, and your ideas are all that matter. Print on demand: the perfect business model for those who value a carefree solution. What’s been applied to book printing for quite a while is even more exciting when it comes to clothing and accessories!

Your investment: a good idea and a way with images

The sparking idea for your first design is closer than you think. Do you have a good nose for trends and fashion, and do you feel like making money with it? Or do you want to offer or sell your own merchandising to a wider public? And even if you like to remain in the background, you can still give your illustrations exposure. Whatever your intention – Spreadshirt gives you the chance to offer your designs on the Marketplace or in your own your own Shop to let your ideas hog the limelight. If a customer likes your design, Spreadshirt takes care of handling and prints it on the product chosen from a range of some 150 products.

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Not in stock? That never happens with print on demand: Once a design is uploaded, you can sell it over and over again

Print on demand allows you to earn money with every sale. For you, there’s no need to advance money, store or dispatch the orders. Avail yourself of a carefree solution without any extra effort or time requirements. Spreadshirt also lends a hand when you upload your designs. Once your designs are up for sale, we’ll take care of the rest: payment handling, printing and delivery, as well as customer service and returns. Spreadshirt’s print on demand can help you see your way to success: in contrast to conventional business methods, you don’t bear any merchandising risk and product stewardship. And you have full control over your financial matters: You decide the design pricing for every item you sell.

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More than just black and white: Spreadshirt makes your designs come out great

Your illustrations or typefaces are what gives any accessory that extra something when customers look for a means of personalisation. By meeting the different demands of fabrics, design colours and purpose, a variety of different print methods are used for effect: Customers can choose from smooth flex printing, silky flock printing and digital direct printing (the latter for best visualisation).

You couldn’t imagine an easier way to earn some additional income. Design sellers relying on print-on-demand sales can invest their time in creating new artwork. Whether your head is brimming with ideas already or you need some more time to get inspired: Spreadshirt’s sales pages are waiting for you to turn ideas into cash. Look forward to selling with Spreadshirt!

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