Start Selling with Spreadshirt in Pirate, Saxon and 19 other Languages

Peddle Ye Wares & Sell Ye Scribblins, Arrrrrgh!

Spreadshirt, the ecommerce platform which makes it easy to buy, sell and create ideas on merchandising, has added nine new languages to its start selling pages, including Pirate and Saxon, the local dialect of the company’s headquarters in Leipzig.

Screenshot_US_Start Selling

Philip Rooke, the CEO, explains “We want to encourage designers from all over the world to use Spreadshirt to sell their ideas. Localising content by increasing the amount of languages on our start selling pages is a key part of our global development. We want designers to feel at home and inspired on the Spreadshirt platform; pirate and saxon- speakers included!”

Spreadshirt sees great creative potential from designers in these new language areas. The seven other languages are all spoken by over 10 million people and are: Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese (Portugal), Japanese and Korean.

Spreadshirt’s print-on-demand platform means landlubbers and corsairs alike can now use the platform to sell their arrrrrrt and products featuring their scribblins. There are no upfront costs and Spreadshirt also offers its sellers an online shop front, backend functions, delivery, returns and customer services.

This marks another notable milestone in Spreadshirt’s global expansion and moves the company closer toward the ultimate goal − to become a billion dollar business for publishing ideas on everything the company offers in less than 60 seconds.

About Spreadshirt’s Languages

The full list of Spreadshirt’s start selling page languages includes: German, English, French, French (Canada), Spanish, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Polish, Italian, Dutch, Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese (Portugal), Japanese, Korean, Pirate, and Saxon dialect.

The Pirate Talk landing page can be found here –

The Saxon dialect is here –

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