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Did you know that January 21st is International Sweatpants Day? Just like last year (and every lazy Sunday), I’ll be paying tribute to the finest article of clothing out there: sweatpants. How about you? If you’re one of the first 50 people to solve our little quiz, you can two pairs of sweatpants for the price of one. You could suit up yourself and your favourite couch-comrade. But that’s not all! You could also get two hoodies for the price of one OR, if you’re feeling a little selfish, grab yourself a hoodie and get the sweatpants with it for free. Comfort clothing at half price! But first you have to solve our little riddle, which you most likely won’t be capable of.
Off we go:

  1. Who is the creator of the Simpsons? Take the first letter of his last name and use it lowercase in the URL.
  2. At the end of this well-known movie scene the hero makes his last outcry. Which word did he scream? Take the first letter (uppercase).
  3. Which one of the founding fathers of the United States is actually from the Caribbean? Add the first letter of his last name in uppercase letters.
  4. Go to and search for “answer to life, the universe and everything”. Add those digits together to get the number of a letter in the alphabet. This letter stays lowercase please.
  5. One question on sweatpants: Which ‘celebrity’ is wearing sweatpants in this photo? Please use the third letter of his first name and put it in the URL in uppercase.
  6. What is the second least frequently used letter in the English alphabet? Please add it in lowercase.

Answer URL:

Got it? Have fun with the upcoming quests…

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