Summer Fashion Trends 2011: Flowers, Animals and Shorty Shorts

Sommertrend 2011

Summer Trend 2011

It’s getting warmer and I took the opportunity to see what people are wearing (and not wearing). This season luckily it’s not only all about stripes. I will give you an idea of what “do’s” you should definitely have a look at:


Patterns are a sure hit: you really can’t go wrong with some experimentation. It does not matter whether you try floral prints, animal prints, cherries or Asian styles or any other revival from the 70’s! You will definitely be a fashionista when wearing one of these styles!

Cut & Material:

There also aren’t that many restrictions with this fashion style either. Currently wide, loose, men’s shirts are hot, and so is the minimalism of straight lines. The seasonal maxi dresses are very comfortable to wear because of their light weight fabric. You can find them just about anywhere. They facilitate a very fluffy wear and comfort. For those of you who like showing more leg, it’s nice to know that shorts are still fashionable at the moment. Leather, cotton or other fabrics in combination with heels and a fitted shirt will make quite the sexy outfit.


People like me are quite happy about the colours trending this year. It means that you can combine as many bright colours as possible and nobody will call you a parrot. White is also an important colour to have in your wardrobe: dresses, trousers and short skirts look very seasonal in white.


Honestly, I was a bit shocked when I saw a girl wearing a belly shirt under a blazer combined with shorts and chucks. But when I took a closer look at some of the trends, I came to accept the reality: tummy shirts are back! What do you think about that? Personally, I’m more of a fan of the longer shirt trend and perhaps the belly shirt trend will be gone before I have to adopt it ;).

Have a nice and stylish summer!!!

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  1. Love the Asian dress and yes I can and will wear it again :)) I don’t care the do’s and don’ts but it just reminds me I have kept several silk Asian tops still in the wardrobe ready to wear again, this is the moment.

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