Design Battle: British Monarchy Diamond Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II will be celebrating 60 years of reign this summer. As with most traditional royal events, there will be plenty of excitement among souvenir sellers and collectors. We are also looking to get some great designs on our platform and into our marketing campaigns so you and others can create their own souvenir. This huge event is a perfect backdrop for a design battle.

What we are looking for:

We are looking for Pro and Contra monarchy designs – a hot topic often surrounding royal events. There are no limits to your creativity (aside from copyright and personality rights/laws). And to get you started, we’ve gathered some links that should get some inspiration juices flowing:

The rules:

  • All designs have to be added to the UK/.net Marketplace and use the tags diamond jubilee, royalist, republican etc.
  • Designs must be submitted before Monday 16 April 2012
  • You can add Pro and Contra monarchy designs this time
  • You can post your design images from your Spreadshirt account directly after upload (no need to wait for Marketplace approval
  • We’d prefer new designs, but designs added in the past can also be entered
  • A vote will take place on the English forum (including designs collected from the German, French and US forums)
  • Winners will be advertised in Spreadshirt’s UK marketing campaigns: in the customer newsletter, here on the UK blog, on Facbeook and in the UK homepage teaser

Most importantly have fun and be creative! But, be very aware of copyright issues. No protected designs, no ethically questionable content and no copying from other partners. Images of the Queen are okay in most cases, but no defamations are allowed and you must also be sure to check the source of the photos, as many of them are under copyright.

Stay calm and carry on! And get crackin’!

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