Granny’s knitted socks, heated gloves and hot-water bottles?

If only we had those on stock! But our two new editions to our product range surely offer a better selection. And they are as cuddly as granny’s socks, and as warm as heated gloves or a hot-water bottle.

• Number one: a sweater for women – ultra trendy in 2013/2014, and cuddly warm at the same time. So you can look trendy without being cold. And if you like it oversize, you can order our new Stanley & Stella jumper a bit bigger as well. Available sizes range from S – XXL. If in doubt about the size, please order a size bigger. The Sweatshirt has a tight fit. You can leave your mark by choosing funky colours such as peacock blue, red and heather blue, and of course it also comes in classic black and heather grey. The cuddly item has a round neck with a seam stitched in a cross-stitch pattern. The item weighs 300g/sqm., a typical weight for a hoody. The inside is silky smooth and soft to the touch. What’s more, the sweater has been produced in line with ecological standards: it’s made of 85% organic wool. The remaining 15% of the fabrics are polyester, which make for comfort wear. You can print on it using the print methods flex, flock and digital direct.

• If you like windy autumn walks, you should layer up. Our cuddly and soft fleece scarf by Beechfield is ideally suited to take the chill out of those winds. It comes in black and navy, and the material is really special: Super soft, extremely rugged and not prone to produce those annoying little knots. Sports people appreciate the fact that it keeps you warm without making you sweat. And this makes the scarf ideally suited for everyday use as well. You can print on this product with flock.

And as long as you’re not down with a cold, you can leave the heated gloves and hot-water bottle at home – our products will keep you warm when it’s getting colder outside. Have fun with your new autumn gear!

PS – we still think that granny’s socks should be worn – they’re made with love and are retro stylish 🙂

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  1. Very promising products. I love knitted products because they never go out of style. I’d like to see the fabric that has been used and how it was knitted. I have always been a fan.