On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…

…the gear that rocked my Christmas tree! Boys and girls, the time is now: the big day is fast approaching. SOME of you yet have to get their ducks in line to prevent their peers from pulling a long face. And it’s not as if Christmas came early this year!
To help you get kitted out for the big event, we have a few smart suggestions for you to make this year’s shopping experience just that bit more enjoyable.

  • Let us start by introducing the newest addition to our range: The über-cute moose to win over everyone’s heart. He’ll be dispatched along with Santa’s hat and a T-shirt, and he looks forward to receiving a new home. You can use the moose’s tee to write a little message to the new lucky keeper. The cuddly animal has been produced in an ecologically sound way, and it’s suitable for kids over the age of 3. MBW, the producer, was one of the first providers of Ökotex certified cuddly toys for which it received the 2009 Promotional Gift Award. This is an annual award for innovative and trendsetting merchandise products.
  • And for those who prefer teddy bears: these little cuddly guys can be dressed in a Christmassy way to be gifted on the big day. Teddy is also an MBW product, and as such in line with ecological standards.
  • And then there are our all-time Christmas favourites: Christmas stocking and Santa hat. You can use both Christmas accessories for a variety of purposes. I wrapped up 24 little bits and bobs and filled the stocking to surprise my boyfriend with an Advent calendar. So he’s got something to look forward to for every day in December before Christmas!
  • And Santa’s hat is the must-have accessory for every Christmas party and Christmas Day itself. Both the hat and the stocking make for an ideal gift-wrapping alternative – it’s handy and different.
    And if you have any cool designs, please do show them to us – we want to see them! Enjoy the countdown to the big day, and relish the anticipation!

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