Update on Spreadshirt collection: Bye-bye outer label

We have some updates to our collection: In future, all Premium T-shirts will be produced without the Spreadshirt label on the sleeve. In December we already received the first stock without the outer label.
Why is this? Since introducing the new Spreadshirt collection in March, we’ve gathered feedback from our partners and customers. Sales numbers confirm that the quality, fit and print results are quite a success. Only the outer label is not really appreciated by all of our partners. Apart from the fact that we take great pride in our collection, we do value our partners’ feedback very highly. And to make sure that the centrepiece of our collection receives due appreciation, we have decided to dispense with the outer label in future.

Our current stock of T-shirts sporting the outer label will probably run out in the next few weeks. Popular colours and sizes will of course run out faster than others. So those of you who want to snap up a tee with the heart on the sleeve should act fast!

Orders of different models (for men, women or kids) in some colours and sizes may already contain T-shirts without the outer label on the sleeve. Starting this week, the product pictures on our platform will no longer sport the sleeve label.

The neck label will of course stay, and the design of it has been slightly altered. The new label is woven, made of a single layer and only sports the Spreadshirt logo as well as the size (see image). All other information can be found on the inside seam label.

What does the future of the Spreadshirt collection look like? A Spreadshirt tank top for warmer days will be introduced in April 2014. These will also be produced without outer label.
Questions and feedback? Please let us know!

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  1. I just started a blog since joining spreadshirt, the items available are very good quality and I like the variety. I think it does work best without the label (better comfort/style), most clothes don’t have additional tags and still look good. I look forward to future updates by spreadshirt.


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