Check it Out! Smooth Shopping with New Checkout Updates

Check it Out! Smooth Shopping with New Checkout Updates

Check it Out! Smooth Shopping with New Checkout Updates

Your Shop’s checkout is kind of a like the cashier at any store; it is there to guide your customers through the purchase process and in turn, help to put your commissions in your pocket. Quite some time ago we built the checkout process from scratch, and it is high-time that it was updated. Continue reading after the jump to get all the juicy detail of a new checkout which will make the process easier and more convenient for your customers.

Custom Header and Footer

In keeping with the new layout options for your Shop, you can now also customise the header and the footer of your checkout area. Choose Shop Settings > Store Layout > Header & Footer Checkout to access this option. Not only have we made it possible to insert text and links, but you can now upload your own graphics for a more personalised and customised look and feel.

Loading Graphic

During the load time between clicking the Checkout button and the actual display of the fully-loaded checkout page, a load graphic is shown. To this point, this graphic has been an animated Spreadshirt heart. Moving forward, all non-branded Shops (those with no Spreadshirt logo or any visual affiliation to Spreadshirt) will have a neutral “spinning circle” as the load graphic.

New Back Button

The previous version of the checkout used the Spreadshirt logo as the “back” function to help customers return to the Shop floor from the checkout page. Moving forward, non-branded Shops will have a “back button” as opposed to a branded Spreadshirt button. Non-branded Shops will continue to use the Spreadshirt logo as their back button.

We hope these changes prove helpful to you as a Spreadshirt seller, and we are most-certainly interested in your feedback. Write us! Leave a comment below about what you like or dislike regarding the new checkout changes and never hesitate to send along your wish list for future developments!

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