Sales tips for your Xmas Biz

Sales tips for your Xmas Biz

Santa comes popping through people's roofs year in year out, and we want to make sure he's gonna get stuck in the chimney with bag loads of gear from your Shop this year.

Santa comes popping through people’s roofs year in year out, and we want to make sure he’s gonna get stuck in the chimney with bag loads of gear from your Shop this year. Time for you to get ready! Find out about Christmas products, designs and proper marketing activities in this week’s ho’ ho’ ho’ bolg post.


Here’s for a few Chrimbo essentials you shouldn’t miss out on:

These are our seasonal bestsellers to send good tidings your way. T-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts also work pretty well, particularly when adorned with some of those infamous ugly Christmas designs. And don’t forget to feature a Sofa Pillow and Cuddly Blanket as these make for great Christmas gifts bound to spread the spirit of Father Christmas. 


The motto of the season could be called “Festive, festive, and a wee bit leftfield (crazy)”. Christmas pressies as such are of course not to be narrowed down to Santa and reindeer designs as folks will be looking for ‘regular’ stuff as well. It’s a good idea, though, to offer designs that you don’t usually offer. Consider offering them as a ‘limited edition’. Also, for more inspiration on what’s been doing well in recent weeks you can always read up on the blog here.

Social Media

We’re sure you’ve got a Facebook page and Instagram account for your Shop, right? Excellent! Keep uploading and posting product pics to raise awareness for your gear, or have a raffle going for a few days to make people interested in your offerings. You could offer a T-shirt from your Shop to the winner of an instalment of pub quiz questions (relevant to Christmas). Regular posts definitely do the trick as you’ll be able to stick in people’s memories. Schedule your posts, and you’ll be in the money.

Your Shop

Boosting your sales is no wizardry. There’s a few simple things you can do! In your User Area, you’ll find a statistics and analysis tool that helps you look into your sales stats. Use it to monitor your sales in order to put an emphasis on the good stuff. Or create a Christmassy atmosphere by installing header graphics or colour schemes. It’s all so very easily done with the new SpreadShop – make the switch if you haven’t done it yet! Oh yes, and always remember to use pertinent tags for your designs. Merry Christmas, ya’ll!

We’d like to wish you the best of success with this year’s Xmas sales. Any ideas you feel like sharing or questions you want to ask? Please do let us know, and drop a comment below.

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