New Partner Area Project: Multi-Product Creation

New Partner Area Project: Multi-Product Creation

Developing a new Partner Area that quickly and efficiently enables you to profit from your drive and talent is Spreadshirt’s top priority.  Helping turn your designs into dollars is at the forefront of many of our departments’ daily endeavors.

With beta testing complete, and the necessary tweaks made to the initial small-market release of the new Partner Area, we’ve come to the next phase of the project. Enter Petra Jacobs—Spreadshirt Product Owner and the tip of the arrow aimed at bringing a new Partner Area to fruition.  We sat with Petra as she kindly took us through Phase 4 of the new Partner Area project (see graphic below) and one of the most exciting developments to date: Multi-Product Creation. You can also click here to read the entire interview.


Multi-Product Creation

One of the largest challenges for our Partners is the tedious process of one-by-one product creation and publication. This is a time-consuming process and quite a drag when trying to kit out your Shop with a variety of products and colours. Phase 4 of the new Partner Area project—Multi-Product Creation—will solve that. According to Petra, “By creating ‘product collections,’ we have effectively eliminated the immense amount of time and effort associated with creating and publishing products individually.  Once the new Partner Area is released, populating your shops with a collection of new offerings will be quick and easy.”

What will multi-product creation do for you?

  • Eliminate the time-consuming process of one-by-one product creation
  • Create up to 40 products at once
  • Aim your product offerings directly at your target market through the use of categorized product collections
  • Quickly and easily populate your Shops with a wide variety of apparel and accessory products

Take a look at how quickly partners will be able to stack their Shops with a wide variety of products.

Product Collections

Partners will be able to choose from 12 pre-set product collections in order to get their Shops equipped with a variety of top-quality products.  Petra says:
“We have categorised many of the items from our product range into twelve product collections. Different factors played into why certain products landed in certain collections. Price, sales, use, materials—all of these and more were analysed in the process of creating collections. In some cases, there will be some overlap due to products meeting the criteria of several collections.”
The collections will be as follows, but subject to change with the addition/subtraction of new/old products:

  1. Best Sellers
  2. Workwear
  3. Streetwear
  4. Kids and Babies
  5. Basic
  6. Premium
  7. Brand
  8. Cases and Covers
  9. Organic
  10. Merchandise
  11. Home and Living
  12. Sportswear

We look forward with great anticipation to the boom of Shop successes that this innovation is sure to bring once all Partners are migrated to the new Partner Area in Phase 8.  Multi-product creation is a monumental step forward in the new Partner Area project and one step closer towards the ultimate goal of selling any design on any product anywhere in the world in 60-seconds or less.

Thank you, Petra, for this massive effort of handy innovation. To read the interview in full, please click here.

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  1. Dear Spreadshirt,

    I am sorry to say I have gone from a highly satisfied to a disappointed customer…

    I have really enjoyed setting up a Spreadsheet shop a while back and gotten to like the screative freedom of it.
    I have been telling the world how great your service is and as a result I recently promised to set up a Sreadshirt shop like my own for some friends business.

    Then I realize you have completely changed the functionality, removing some of the fundamental features… Instead of feeling enhanced by improvements I find myself trapped in an irrational ”Collection” feature prisson.
    I can no longer design single products at all!!
    I can no longer use more than one motive on each product.
    I can not even make more than one ”Collection” for each motive… forcing me to upload a motive multiple times, which messes up my store even more.
    If I upload a motive designed for dark clothes, the ”Collection” feature forces me to put it on white clothes, making my shop look ridiculous.
    I can no longer affect how the motive is placed on individual products in the ”Collections”, only one the rest is random, so only one product looks the way I intended.

    Sorry to say, this is a user experience disaster!
    All the fun in using Spreadsheet shops has now died completely and instead turned into disappointing frustration! (This “Collections” and “Multi-product” features should really be optional!)

    Have I missed something or is this seriously the way Spreadshirt shops are supposed to work from now on?
    Am I the only one missing the previous version?

    I am really sorry to bring such negative feed-back, my intention is constructive input.
    As a design and UX professional it really makes me sad to see such great design being replaced with something containing obvious deteriorations and customer experience issues.
    The potential in taking one step back and then refine the greatness of Spreadshirt is enormous, hoping for your decision makers and development team to realize this.

    With best regards
    Mikael Thelin

    • Hi Mikael,

      Thanks for your feedback.
      Yes, we did see that the collections are leading to much confusion which is why we will get rid of them by the beginning of next year in January. You will instead be able to chose product groups and filter the products by colour etc. Moreover you will be able to adjust the design on each product group. Please know that we obviously want to keep this experience as fun as it used to be. I am sure that the changes in January will make things a lot easier.

      Let me know if you have any further questions.


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