Top Search Terms – June to August 2016

Top Search Terms – June to August 2016

Like every three months, we are filling you in on the most popular searches that people have been conducting in the past three months.  Find out what Spreadshirt customers and Google roamers have been looking for, and use this knowledge to create new designs. Curious? Then check out the top search term list right here…

These search terms have captured people’s imagination in recent months:

Popular Google searches

  • sayings
  • crocodile
  • best friends
  • quotes
  • partner
  • 90s
  • geometric
  • colourful
  • romantic
  • drum and bass


Popular Spreadshirt searches

  • science
  • vegan
  • game
  • cat
  • car
  • gay
  • meme
  • comic
  • unicorn
  • nerd

This is our recommendation for those looking for food for thought for new design creation. Take your time to create some quality designs carrying your distinctive artistic stamp, and there’s a fair chance for you to turn an ordinary day-to-day occurrence into a success story when combined with a clever idea.

Hopefully we’ve been able to give you a little creative nudge. Please leave a comment below if you need further assistance in realising your ideas!

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