Success tips for Christmas

Success tips for Christmas

Let’s put all the Xmas tree decoration aside for a second and face the no-frills reality: above all, Christmas is business. Get on the gravy train and offer gift shoppers the right designs on the right products at the right time. We’ve done our homework and will tell you all you need to know to bring Christmas bliss your way. Check out this blog post for all the info.

Products for Christmas

The All-Time Favourites

The Premium T-Shirt for men (ID812), women (ID 813) and kids (ID814) are our top sellers, also in the dead of winter. They are closely followed by the Premium Hoodie for men (ID 20) and the Unisex Hoodie (ID 1047).  Surprisingly, V-neck T-shirts for men (ID686) and the Women’s T-Shirt with rolled up sleeves (ID943) still do very well in the colder season, too.

Special products

A number of products do better than others, and the Tote Bag (ID56) sits right on top of that list. It’s closely followed by the Cooking Apron (ID141), and the Mug (ID31). What’s more, there’s a broad selection for Smartphone cases available that are ever so popular these days. Tip: add a Baby Bodysuit (ID560) to the mix as these are sought for gifts.


Seasonal products

Every year before Christmas, we reactivate our seasonal products. The Christmas Reindeer (ID899) is on the rise, and so are our three top sellers every year:

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Designs for gifts

Funny & ugly

The Ugly Christmas Sweater has been rocking people’s Christmas trees for years, and there’s no time quite like December to be sporting sweatshirts Bill Cosby would have never dared to wear.

Add fun to dad gifts

Dads are a species that’s easy to please, but most people don’t want to aim low and give him something he’s only ever gonna wear on 25th December. When adorning products with designs intended for Christmas presents, bear in mind that most dads like getting a laugh out of a fun gift.

Designs for cooking aprons

The apron is an all time classic, and not only for dads. Mothers, aunties and sisters also appreciate this token of appreciation, so cooking up some fun or clever designs intended to end up in the kitchen may just prove a piping hot tip.

Inside Tips for Marketing

When do people buy Christmas gifts?

Of course folks have already started to look for and buy Christmas presents. That’s why uploading your designs to the Marketplace and spreading the mood in your Shop right now will prove beneficial. The craze is going to reach its towering height in the second week of December, so earmark 3rd December to your personal campaign planner to promote your products.

Christmas marketing for your Shop

Little posts on Facebook, Instagram and the like will let people know it’s Christmas in your Shop. Share product images showing your best/funniest/Chrismassy designs and write subtle messages around the lines of “what do you do when Santa strikes?” or “just 21 days until Christmas” to make people aware of the urgency of the matter.

Also, a little raffle always offers a great way to raise awareness for your Shop. Ask a question you’d hear in a pub quiz, and say that the answer with the most likes will get the product you share with the post. It’ll probably cost you less than €/£20, but it’s bound to have a lot of people check out what’s on offer in your Shop.

What’s your experience with selling for Christmas? Please share your thoughts and questions with us to help you make this season a hit!


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