Important changes affecting your payouts

Important changes affecting your payouts

Spreadshirt is becoming more international. We are going to introduce international publishing of Marketplace designs, as well as Shops with multiple languages and currencies. We are also going to foster creativity as a whole, and this effort will have an effect on all areas of the business including payments and taxation. Your earnings can only be paid out if you enter your real name and your current address in your User Area. Please make sure that the data you have entered is complete and up-to-date. Please make changes if necessary

Verify name and address here

If you are a Partner outside of Germany, you need to indicate an additional tax identification number (TIN)

If your place of residence (or company headquarters) is not in Germany, we need your TIN so we can pay out your earnings. If you are an American citizen, you can either state your Social Security Number (SSN), the Employer’s Identification Number (EIN) or the Taxpayer’s Identification Number (TIN). Please enter your TIN here:

Enter TIN here

Deduction of tax from your design price earnings

Depending on your country of residence (or company headquarters), a tax deduction from your earnings prior to payout may be necessary. Taxation only applies to your design price earnings, but not to your Affiliate Commission or Volume Commission. Stating your TIN could help you avoid or minimise this deduction.
Please note: If you do not state your valid TIN, we will keep 15% of your design price earnings (withholding tax) plus an additional 5.5% solidarity supplement on the withholding tax (obligatory in Germany).

To find out the amount of your tax deduction, please refer to the menu and your relevant income group. If you are unsure of whether your country of residence (or company headquarters) has a double tax agreement with Germany and which percentage of tax deduction needs to be applied, you can look it up on this list.

  1. Partner with a German residency (or company HQ)
  2. Partner with a residency (or company HQ) in a country that has a double tax agreement with Germany
    1. Tax deduction amounting to 0%
    2. Tax deduction amounting to 1% – 15%
  3. Partner with a residency (or company HQ) in a country that doesn’t have a double tax agreement with Germany

Please write an email to for further questions.

The information provided on this site by no means serves as fiscal advice or tax consultancy, and is not designed to come to base taxation assessments on either. Please refer these matters to a professional tax consultant.

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