Shop tip — product or design view?

Shop tip — product or design view?

Have you ever noticed the ‘Product list’ option in the settings for your new SpreadShop? Then you might have asked yourself what advantages and disadvantages the two possibilities ‘Products with designs’ and ‘Design overview’ bring with them. This article sheds a little light on the question to help you determine which setting is right for your Shop.

Products with designs

This setting is suitable for most Shops as the customer can see right away on which products the designs are on offer. In your ‘Shop Settings’, click on ‘Edit’ and then ‘Layout’ to select products with designs :


This is particularly important when visitors arrive in your shop without knowing what to expect. And even if your brand or your Shop is already enjoying a fair share of popularity, customers don’t necessarily know whether you can provide them with T-shirts, hoodies, pillow cases or blankets. In addition, the customer can access the detailed view with just one click, so the path to a quicker checkout is paved without further obstacles.

Design Overview

In some cases, however, it is advisable to focus on the design selection first. Choose ‘Design overview’ here: Customers will see the design first before they can choose a product. Now they won’t need to scroll endlessly in the product view to get to the next design. That means scrolling through all the T-shirts, jackets, aprons and hats adorned with the first design before they see the second. The sorting function helps counteract this issue, but remember that more designs means a bigger effort for the customer to rummage through the products.

It is also recommended to add a small explanation at the beginning of your Shop, explaining how the Shop works. An example of this can be found at The Goat Shop:

The ‘Design overview’ option is also advisable if you only have one product in your collection (e.g. T-shirts) and customers already know that your designs are only offered on one product. If you are not quite sure about this narrow focus, we strongly recommend you to offer a wider range of products.

Do you have any questions, or have you already gained some experience working with the two options? Please let us know in the comments below.


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  1. I would go for design, because shirts usually aren’t real photos, just generated automatically. Unless you make a photo of a guy or gal with each model of tshirt. 🙂

  2. Hello,
    My Shop. In the ‘Products’ option, some designs applied only appear in the back without possibility of applying it in front. If selected front, it seems that the design stay back.

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