New Partner Area: Your Designs Go International

New Partner Area: Your Designs Go International

This article is only relevant for users of the new partner area.

The world may be full of borders and restrictions, but your creative designs are now destined to break through geographical obstacles. Every design you publish will be automatically published on all of our European platforms, and you don’t even need to tick a box.

This is a feature that’s long been requested by many of you, and now we’ve been able to put it to good use. We are proud to introduce automated international publishing of your designs.

Let’s scrap the red carpet for the time being and cut straight to the chase:

  • Designs you publish will be briefly examined for international suitability* by Spreadshirt, then be published automatically and available for sale on all countries of our European platform.
  • The European platform consists of the countries Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland.
  • If you also e.g. publish on our north-American platform, Americans, Canadians and Australians will be able to avail themselves of your designs as well.
  • The keywords you choose to describe a design will be translated automatically into the languages of the other platforms so that you will have no extra work with it.
  • As a result, an Italian visitor on looking for a horse design in his native language will find the design that was created in Ireland and was tagged with “horse”.

International publishing unleashes untapped potential to raise awareness for your brand and help your designs become popular abroad.

What’s your experience with international publishing? And what other features would you like to see introduced in the future? Please leave a comment below!

* “international suitability” refers to universal understandability of designs. Designs that are specific to a particular region, i.e. designs that include phrases in a native language, are representative of a local tradition, etc. will not be considered internationally sustainable and will not be published internationally.

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  1. Hi, yesterday I posted some comments in here, and I also got a reply from Lena, but now I don’t see the comments in here anymore. Can anyone tell me what happened?

  2. Hi Lena, thank you for your fast reply.
    This is the id for the uk and dk market: Design ID:

    This is the id for the others that are only in the dk market: Design ID:
    132903700, 132903589, 132899601, 132899487, 132899266

    Thank you

    • Hi Aleeya,

      Sorry for only getting back to you now. The problem should be resolved by tomorrow. Will keep you posted.


  3. Hi, I can see only one of my design on the danish and UK market, I know that it sais in here about the international suitability, but I believe all my designs are suitable for international market.
    Can you explain how come a picture with a car is not available worldwide? or the one with proud to be Pinoy? There are a lot of Filipino all over the world, how come I can’t sell that design in the entire EU market?

    • Hey Aleeya,

      Thanks for your feedback. This sounds like a bug. Can you please let me know the design IDs of the designs that you can only find on the danish and UK market?


  4. Good day

    I have now successfully uploaded images to your Global Marketplace and to my Online Shop. Therefore, the news of your Automated International Publishing is very welcome. Nevertheless, it is very important for me to also publish in the United States, South America, Canada and Australian. Does this take place automatically?

    Thank you

    • Hi Michael,

      You have only signed up on our American platform right (and not on the EU platform)? So you ar selling your designs which you put on the Marketplace now automatically in the US, Canada and Australia.
      We do not have South American marketplaces at the moment.


  5. So, I understand that until summer 2017 that the new partner area will be available for me the automated international publishing won’t be available either, is that right?
    And the designs uploaded to the old partner area will be migrated to the new partner area and revised for international suitability as well?
    Sorry to insist, it’s a little bit confusing 🙂

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