Spring Trends 2017

Spring Trends 2017

Let your sales spring up, and react to the new fashion trends of 2017. ‘What kind of designs and slogans should I offer on spring products?’ you may wonder. Find out what the people want in this tidy little article.

Think of your Shop (and Marketplace designs) as a good old mix tape created to make somebody fall in love with your creation. It’s understood that it needs both constancy and variety to achieve the desired effect. Here’s some inspiration for designs and clothing for you to set the note for spring.


Garden Parties

When temperatures rise, folks gather outside. Reason enough to celebrate a garden party, and your chance to provide the tee tunes. Adding a few floral designs to the set beet won’t hurt, like they were in the mix last summer.

80s Glam

We just can’t get enough – of the 80s. Glam it up as shamelessly as you might want it. Don’t forget to puff up those sleeves and add shoulder pads wherever you can, and you just GOTTA add some 80s tunes to your summer tape – aka Shop mix – to pump up the jam. Look at the crowd is jumpin’!

Statement-Making Slogans 

In times of political turmoil and a growing feeling of social marginalisation of the individual, making cool and controversial statements on T-shirts helps people give expression to what moves their hearts and minds.



Shades of Blue

I’m blue da-ba-dee-da-ba-daa could be the tune to this year’s summer. It’s the dominant colour at catwalks and denim stores alike, so be sure to keep a good selection of blue tees in your Shop or as a canvas to base your Marketplace designs on. Shoo those summer blues, and create the tunes for people to sing along to.


The cap

Caps are cool, caps are hip, and there’s just no way a fashion conscious guy can leave the house without donning a trendy hat. Caps have come all the way back from short-lived obscurity to über-important, so bring them on.


This brand new trend is about bringing the sporty look of athletics in tune with a sexy and form-fitting attitude. Tight sports tops and even the leggings are back on the rise, so playing up to the athleisurists won’t go amiss.

Any spring trends our fashion antennas haven’t picked up on? And what’s the latest hype on your radar? Please let us know!

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