Work-in-progress Photography – Your Way Ahead

Work-in-progress Photography – Your Way Ahead

You devote a whole lotta love to creating your designs and products – and of course a lot of work. Photos of your work in process make for quite exciting footage for people on social media. So let us reach out to you with a pretty smart and straightforward tutorial on how to play to the gallery of your followers, and become the centre of interest on Instagram and the like.

Work-in-progress photos tell the story behind your designs and products. What may be blatantly obvious to you may allow others to take an interesting look behind the scenes. Being able to track your creative path gives your followers a better understanding of the finished product. Most importantly, they will find it easier to appreciate and develop a connection to your work.
Having tackled a few Instagram tips and Facebook marketing strategies already, we’ve now put together 3 effective tricks for work-in-progress shots for you:

Plan what you want to say

There are various formats available to document the process of creation on Instagram:

  • You can always take a single image during your creative process, but a series of images will do an even better job when illustrating your work. The before/after comparison of i.e. the path from a pencil sketch to a fully vectorised design or a finished product just looks plain impressive. Check out the Instagram app Layout for creating a photo serial.
  • Generate special effects with sequenced images. Start with a panoramic view of e.g. your workspace. Then get closer step by step and show the tools and materials you use in fine detail. Finally, show a close-up image of the design.
  • You can also upload 60-second clips to Instagram. Create a time-lapse video with software like Apple Final Cut Express or Adobe Premiere Pro. Producing a clip form a recording of the complete creative process looks pretty impressive when played faster (make it fit 60 seconds). Or combine many individual photos to a single GIF.

Play with effects

The lighting and the background of your pictures is half the rent:

  • Ideally, you take your photo during the day as natural light reproduces the colours more authentically
  • Be part of the picture yourself. A ‘hand in action’ lends a human touch to the picture
  • Depending on your brand’s character, you can focus on its characteristics with ‘props’. Showcase your down-to-earth workplace, and you’ll convey a spontaneous and creative character. A leitmotif of products, materials or decoration arranged as a still life epitomises on a playful or stylish attitude
  • Do you use special pens, paints or brushes? Show people what you’ve got, and describe certain techniques you avail yourself of in the captions

'shaking things up' in my studio & working on a new design. 😳😜😁

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See your design with different eyes

  • Take several shots from different angles (from either side, front, over your shoulder, low angle or bird’s eye), and ask somebody to help you so you can be in the picture
  • When taking photos of your digital work or Shop view, avoid diffuse reflection of light by changing the screen’s position
  • You yourself are the best poster child for authentic advertising of your products. It’s a good idea to reinvest part of your payment and order selected products with a design. Take pictures of these in use, and get great footage for promo banners and the final image of your work-in-progress series
  • Instagram offers you 32 different filters as you upload your images. You can manually enhance the desired effect with e.g. changes of contrast, saturation and brightness.

How do work-in-progress snapshots hit it on with your followers? Any other social media you want to know more about in the next blog post? Do tell us in the comments!

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  1. Hi,
    from june 2016 I put a link in the description box of the products. It’s the address to the blog where I describe how and why the product is born. But the link is not active. So if people want to know, they have to copy and paste it in another page.
    Is it possible activated it directly in the description box? So people have to click on it only to open in other page.
    Thank you for your attention.

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