New Limit for Design Uploads

New Limit for Design Uploads

Many Partners currently need to wait several days before their designs can be approved. This is due to a small handful of Partners uploading thousands of designs on a daily basis, causing a tailback for all other design uploads. For this reason, we’ll put a cap on the total number of daily design uploads designs to speed up the verification process. Read on to learn more.

Reasons for tailback

We examine about 5,000 designs on a day-to-day basis, making sure they comply with our technical, legal and ethical guidelines. Possible reasons for rejection can be found in our Help Center.

A small handful of Partners upload hundreds of designs every day, thereby drawing the attention of the whole team to their uploads. As a consequence, all other Partners need to wait about 4 days until their new design uploads can be cleared.  

New limit

To be able to treat partners more fairly by reducing the total number of design uploads, we will limit the total number of possible design uploads.

200 designs max. per day
• The limit will enter into force as from 11 October 2017
• The limit applies to the new User Area only (Partners who opened an account after 20 October 2016)

As soon as a Partner reaches 200 design uploads per day, he will be informed in the upload section. He will then have to wait until the next day to upload more designs.

In addition to speeding up the review process, the limit will allow Partners to invest more time in developing their designs, and to come up with appropriate keyword tags and descriptions. Choosing good keywords and a suitable description is essential to make designs visible on the Marketplaces as well as to help search engines find the design.

If you have any questions, please let us know in the comments below. We’ll get back to you asap.

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  1. For me is 10 more than enough! Now I sometimes have to wait a whole week. There is no need to upload 20 different colors for one design if you make an good vector design. The customers can change the printcolor themselves. Suggestion …. when you make For example 100 design with another name or number … use your on shop and not the marketplace!

  2. Many times it is one week wating time. 200 is fat to mutch. When designers make a good vector design there is No reason to upload 20 colors!

  3. 200 designs per day means 25 in one hour on a normal 8 hour workday. I don’t think any real artist will or can come up with that many. I think a maximum of 10 designs every day is more than enough and a fulltime artist still can upload plenty of designs. Setting the maximum that high is ridiculous. If one person upload that many designs I don’t think he made one single design.

    • Thanks for your feedback. We will be reviewing teh desig upload limit in the coming weeks and might very well decrease it even further.


    • I’ve just joined, and completely agree Andres. What kind of quality content could they possibly be generating. 10 is by far enough. It would at least give us genuine creators a chance without saturating the market place.

    • Thanks for your feedback. We will definitely review the upload limit. Will obviously let you know of the progress.

    • Hi Andres, Lena

      This might not be true for all the cases.
      As there are designers like me who love to automate most of the designing process. For ex: every day i create 2-3 nice and elaborate design for a quote and then use Photoshop actions to change a niche related word. This leads to at least 100-150 designs per quote per day.

      In essence, people like me who automate their work and make their 8 hrs more productive, can hit that 200 designs/day easily.

      Would this mean higher competition for you ? — Yes certainly

      Would this mean I am not a designer ? – No, I am a designer just as much as you are. It’s just that i know how to work smart.

      Should there be a significantly lower per day upload limit ? – Certainly not, else it will take months for people like me to upload the portfolio. I am happy with 200/day because that will root out actual scammers who copy designs pixel by pixel and have 10000 designs to load.


  4. Does this mean the approvals will also be faster than an average of 4 days ? Can you please share how fast ?

    At what time/timezone does the Day clock reset for the upload system ?


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