Watermarks for Marketplace Designs

Watermarks for Marketplace Designs

Many Marketplace Designers have been asking us to protect their designs with watermarks, and that’s why we’re now introducing watermarks to level up the protection. We’re aware of the fact that it’s a tough call to prevent skillful thieves from stealing, but the introduction of watermarks is bound to make your designs safer. In this article, you’ll find out how this is going to be facilitated.

It’s never nice when someone steals your property, and it’s even more unpleasant when other people make money off your work. The new watermark image protection will improve the protection of your designs. From now on, images showing your designs displayed at a resolution of 350 pixels or more will bear a watermark. These watermarks will automatically be applied to images showing your designs on the Marketplace – all other images in your SpreadShop and the lower-resolution images in Spreadshirt’s Create Tool will not be affected.

Please remember that watermarks won’t have a negative effect on your customers’ shopping experience: they will only be visible in the actual design view. Product images will not bear a watermark.

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    • Yes on all design images over 350px 🙂 Please send me a link of design images that do not show a watermark.

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