Improved Search for Marketplace

Improved Search for Marketplace

Our recent Marketplace changes have officially been released. After explaining these impending changes earlier this year, we’d like to continue to keep you informed. Most of our updates happen in the background and are not very noticeable. However, the latest updates are more noteworthy, so you might recognize some of the revisions. Continue reading to see what’s changed…

Change in URL Structure

We’re always looking for new ways to boost your sales, so we’ve made it easier for customers to find your work on Google and other search engines. Specifically, we improved the SEO (search engine optimization) of our URLs. We altered the links to include not only the design names, but also the product names. If you’ve linked your Marketplace products elsewhere, there’s no need to worry. A redirect is in place, so previous external links are not broken.

More Relevant Search Results

We want potential customers to easily find their ideal design, and we’re also looking to make our search results more relevant. Therefore, we adapted the way our personal search engine works. Now, when you use our search bar, you’ll recognize some changes in the results pages. Moreover, when you previously searched for a term, you’d see all the products listed on the left side of the page, even if there weren’t any results for these specific categories. Now, you’ll only see the relevant product offerings. This feature will eventually be available in your Showroom.

Improved Pagination

Finally, many of you have commented about the pagination on the Marketplace. In our continued effort to help boost conversion and sales, we have decided to increase the number of pages you’ll see on any list page and in your Showroom. A limitation of results is still in place, but it isn’t as strict as it once was.

What do you think of the updates? What other Marketplace improvements would you like to see? Let us know in the comment section.

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