Going Digital & Print Areas: Understand the Impact

Going Digital & Print Areas: Understand the Impact

We have a long-term goal of going 100% digital. To accommodate digital printing on all products, we have adjusted the print areas on almost all products so they can fit the accompanying pallet sizes of our digital printers. 

This transition will have an effect on your products. Continue reading to understand the impact of going digital…

Benefits of Going Digital

By switching to digital printing, we can utilize unlimited colors and color gradients.

Going digital also reduces the complexities of our production process. It helps us save time and reduce product errors (which can be attributed to the handling of foils in flex and flock printing). As a result, we’re able to ship out products in a shorter amount of time.

Current Issues with Print Areas

For many of our products, the print areas were defined long before these top-notch digital printers were available. Some of the current print areas exceed the size of the product and print pallet, and they limit our ability to accommodate every single order. In other cases, the print area was defined in such a way that a design can be printed over seams, zippers, or pockets.

As a result, we’re forced to deal with more manual work, longer production times, dissatisfied customers and unattractive products.

Now What?

We had to adapt many of our products’ print areas to fit the fixed pallet sizes of our digital printers. This means that print areas may have changed in size and position. We tried to automatically adjust existing products to the new print area sizes by slightly moving or scaling the placed designs. Nevertheless, some of the already-created products were not able to automatically accommodate these changes and might have been deactivated.

This is a complex change that will have a lasting impact on Spreadshirt. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment below.

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  1. EXACTLY !!! they should’ve kept that option open for us to choose! cause some designs are better FLEXprinted ! pfffff

  2. Too bad we can’t choose if we want to have a flex or flock prints when we create a new design via the dashboard.
    Some designs are way better printed in flex instead of digital direct… and the price is cheaper!

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