New Product Range Feature for Your Start Page

New Product Range Feature for Your Start Page

Allow your customers to easily view your entire product range with our new Product Range feature. Display up to four product categories directly on your start page, giving your customers easy access to everything you have to offer.

Understanding the Product Range feature

The Product Range feature on your Spreadshop Start Page provides a powerful way to showcase your products. Give customers an overview of your entire product range, and present your products in a more appealing way. Plus, thanks to our new product photos, customers will be even more enticed to make a purchase.

What options do I get for presenting products?

You can choose between three different options when it comes to your product range photos:

  1. The default “design view” (design only) or “product view” (product with design)
  2. Professional model photos, which showcase the products in a neutral way so they can be used for any occasion, brand and Shop
  3. Our exclusive “Mood Pictures”, which show the products in use in real-life situations

Mood Pictures allow you to display your products in a more realistic way. These images will also help improve aspects of brand development, engagement and loyalty by interacting with your customers on a more personal level.

How do I get the best out of my products?

Customize your product range using the 12 best-selling Spreadshop product categories (Page Options > Home > Product Range). Please note that the individual product categories can only be utilized if you activated the corresponding products in your Shop.

Help customers easily find what they want—and increase your chances of selling—by including several product types for any given product category. For example, “women’s T-shirts” shouldn’t only feature the standard product; it should include V-necks, round necklines, etc. 

We’re going to continue to improve and expand the Product Range feature. Which additional features would you like to see? Please let us know what to put on our to-do list!

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    • Hi Yvan

      Thanks for your feedback. We won’t offer all over print in the coming years though. We also won’t add dresses and skirts but maybe leggins.


    • For now, the mood pictures are blank pictures but in the longterm we’d like to show your designs on the mood pictures 🙂

    • Hi Lena,

      Like Kim, I would also like my designs shown on the mood pictures.

      Same question for the 2nd option, the model photo’s. Will it also be possible there or is that also for the long term?

    • You can already view your designs on the model imagesm just not the mood images. And as I’ve already replied to Kim – we eventually would like to show the designs on the mood images, for now this is not yet possible. Thanks for your understanding.

  1. Hi I am having trouble marketing my t-shirt designs, I have managed to get a few out but just not sure how to get it noticed on Spreadshirt, and get the sales going. any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  2. I would really like to be able to offer more than one print on a shirt; to have both a front, a rear and a sleeve print for example.

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