Shop Owners: What the Migration Means for You

Shop Owners: What the Migration Means for You

In August we will migrate all Shop Owners and Shop settings from the out-of-date Legacy User Area to the upgraded Partner Area.

This upgrade will provide many advantages, which we explored in the previous blog post. Specifically, Shop Owners will see significant time-saving upgrades, navigation enhancements, and advanced sales-driving features. We strive to provide our Shop Owners with a platform and service that enables them to hit their personal sales goals in an efficient and enjoyable way. We believe this upgrade accomplishes that goal.

In order to implement these changes while also maintaining platform speed and stability, some complex functions, rarely-used features, and inactive assets from the Legacy User Area will not be migrated to the Partner Area. They are detailed below:


  • Shops with no sales since 01.01.2016
  • Shops that only have text and number designs created with the T-Shirt Designer
    • These Shop Owners are welcome to open a new account in the Partner Area.
  • Products created with community designs
  • Shop-sorting settings
    • Migrated Shops will automatically be sorted according to the most-recently-created product, displaying no more than 8 products per design. You will be able to adapt these settings to your liking.
  • Shop categories
    • These Shop Owners are welcome to create new Topics after migration.


  • Products with text and/or numbers AND a design will be handled in such way that only the design will be migrated.


  • Shop Owners using our API will be migrated in September. A separate communication regarding API users can be read in our forum.

What’s Next?

You will be migrated in August. More detailed information will be provided in the red info box in the legacy user area – so check this space out.

When you log into your account on the day of the migration, you will automatically be working in the Partner Area. All account data and payment information will already have been transferred. This seamless transition will allow you to dive right in and experience all the features and advantages of your brand-new platform.

We’ve provided a full video tutorial on how to upload designs, create products, and check your statistics and your personal data. If you have any other questions, please feel free to reach out in the comments or on our forum.

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  1. You say above… “Products with text and/or numbers AND a design will be handled in such way that only the design will be migrated”.
    After the shop has migrated is it possible to edit the products & put the text back?

    • Hi Marshal,

      You’ll have to wait until you get migrated to the new partner area. You can have a look at the rough timeline pictured in the blog article.


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