Long-Awaited Partner Area Migration is Here!

Long-Awaited Partner Area Migration is Here!

You’ve been asking for it, we’ve been working on it, and the time has finally come!

We’re excited to announce that a full migration from the outdated Legacy User Area to Spreadshirt’s enhanced Partner Area will finally be a reality. All* Partners currently operating in the Legacy User Area will be migrated to the upgraded Partner Area in the coming weeks. Our number one goal is to provide our Partners with a fast, simple, and stable platform, allowing them to reach their sales goals in the easiest and most enjoyable way possible. Below, we’ve highlighted some of the ways the Partner Area stands head and shoulders above the outdated and obsolete Legacy User Area:

Time-Saving Upgrades

  • Enjoy the Partner Area’s drastically-improved speed and usability
  • Fly through time-consuming tasks with bulk-action functionalities
  • Publish to Shops and the Marketplace simultaneously
  • Upload Marketplace designs to all international platforms with one click
  • Save valuable time and effort with the design template feature
  • Create multiple products simultaneously, saving you tons of time

Navigation Enhancements

  • Navigate with ease thanks to an optimized layout
  • Categorize your designs with simple Shop Topics
  • Upload larger files thanks to a tenfold increase in upload-volume capabilities
  • Benefit from constant developer updates, keeping the platform fast and bug-free

Features That Help Drive Sales

  • Target your sales and strategies in a more intelligent way with in-depth statistics
  • See exactly where your money is coming from with precise commission data
  • Unlock an entirely new revenue stream with the ability to create and sell posters (not available in the Legacy User Area)

The video below provides a comprehensive walkthrough of all the advantages you’ll experience in the Partner Area:

Is there anything else I need to know?

Aside from the numerous advantages listed above, we’re bidding farewell to some of the Legacy User Area’s older and clunkier functions, features, and assets. This means different things for both Shop Owners and Marketplace Designers. Please click the respective buttons at the bottom of this blogpost to explore those specific changes.

OK, so what now?

You will be migrated in August. More detailed information will be provided in the red info box in the legacy user area – so check this space out. When your migration date comes, just sit back and relax; you’ll automatically be moved over to the Partner Area. Simply log in as normal, click around, experience the great new features and functions, and make yourself at home. You’ll be saying, “What Legacy User Area?” in no time!

We are delighted to provide all* Spreadshirt Partners with what we believe to be a better, faster platform that will continue to grow and improve over time.

See Marketplace Changes

See Shop Changes

We’ll do our best to make you feel comfortable in your new home. If you still have questions after reading through all of the information provided, please reach out in the comments, on our forum, or via email.

* In certain cases you will not be migrated. Please refer to the respective Marketplace and Shop Changes to see what and who isn’t getting migrated.

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  1. Can we have a migration update please for the UK as its was originally ment to happen a couple of months ago. Its near the end of August now and still no word.

    regards Tim

    • As you can see on the timeline the UK is being migrated in August, specifically this week. Stay tuned. We’ll update the red info box today with exact dates.

    • Hi Greg, we will need to adapt our time line a bit and you will very soon recieve information via newsletter and as well as in you Account.

    • We just sent you an e-mail. Migration for the UK will beginn in August. You’ll see a detailed countdown in the legacy user area.

  2. After the upgrade, will you be providing a mechanism for us to merge our products across accounts, if we have both an old and new style account?

    I contacted Spreadshirt aeons ago from this [old-style] account, asking about migrating my products here to the new-style version of the site. I was told then that there was no way to migrate my products across and was advised to just set up a new account on the new syle Spreadshirt.

    This I did. So I now have two Spreadshirt accounts; this one on the old-style interface and another one on the new. Both accounts have about the same level of sales, so I don’t really want to abandon one. It would make life a lot easier if I could merge the two accounts after this [old-style] one is migrated to the new interface.

    I’m assuming I’m not the only one left in this situation as your blog post begins “You’ve been asking for it, we’ve been working on it…” which suggests that there will be a lot of others who’ve followed Spreadshirt’s adice and setup an additional account whilst waiting for this migration to materialise

    • Hi stíobhart,
      I definitely see your point here. Thanks for this feedback. To be honest we do not plan to merge accounts. Maybe that was said at some point in the past but as we started to work on this project, we realized that merging existing accounts would not be in the scope. I am very sorry to tell you that.

  3. I am a long-time user in Ireland. The first I heard about this was an email sent to me on 11th June (yesterday, previous most recent email correspondence 23rd February 2018) titled “Cooperation agreement ends today” informing me rather abruptly that:
    “Hi there,
    Since we will not migrate your account, we are terminating our existing cooperation agreement concerning the use of the Spreadshirt partner services “Marketplace” and “Shop” with you today.
    Would you like to make use of the advantages and features of the Partner Area? Then just create a new account here.”

    I have tried logging in to and with my usual credentials (account email address and get “Your registration data was incorrect”. If I try “Forgot Password” with my email address I get “Oops, something went wrong. Please try again later”.

    What has happened to my account with all my designs, content and shop?

    • Hi there Fergal,

      We have first informed you via our newsletter (we were only able to write to those also subscribed to our newsletter) and in your user area about the upcoming Migration back in March (approx. 3 months ago). You have not had any sales in your Shop for more than three years (cut off date was, as you can read in the blogpost, 1.1.2016) and we have therefore not migrated you (as explained in the blogpost as well) and have terminated your contract.

      Your account, designs and shop have therefore been deleted.

      You are welcome to create a new account in the upgraded partner area if you wish so.


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