Your Shop, Your Style: Customize your Shop Theme

Your Shop, Your Style: Customize your Shop Theme

Express yourself! Your shop can be as unique as you are. With our new easy-to-use themes, you can set up shop in no time at all. 

Give your shop a tailor-made feel with one of our five free Spreadshop themes. Just choose the theme that you like best and personalize it. It’s a piece of cake: you’ll be creating and selling your first products before you can say “chocolate fudge.”

Keep it unique

You can show your shop some love even if you’re lazy. Our ultra-convenient presets are perfect for the shop owner who’s short on time. And for those of you who are a bit more Type A, never fear: everything from fonts to color schemes can be adjusted down to the last detail.

Decisions, decisions….

Our shop themes are as diverse as our community of Shopowners. What’s your type? Choose yours under Edit Shop > Look > Themes.

  • Hobby Theme: You have a burning passion for what you do. Whether it’s water-skiing or stamp-collecting, this theme will help you inspire your customers. No need to be a marketing or design pro to get started with this user-friendly theme.
  • Small Business & Merch Theme: You know exactly what you want to sell in your shop. Your message is clear and you know your target group. You’re ready to boost your small business or get started selling merch for your awesome new band.
  • Designer Theme: You’ve made a name for yourself with your art or design genius. Supply your adoring fan base with new material on a regular basis and put your designs in the spotlight.
  • Social Media Insider Theme: Raking in the subscribers on Youtube? Insta-queen? Influencer? Whatever your community, turn those followers into customers with this clever theme.
  • Business Insider Theme: You produce new memes faster than your parents can look up what they mean. Or you’re a fully-fledged professional in e-commerce. This theme gives you a professional and flexible platform to grow.

If you registered for your Spreadshop before August 2019, you can also still use your old shop settings when you stick with the Classic Theme.

View Shop Themes

New Start Page Elements

Introducing our shiny new home page elements! Use them with or without the shop themes and add a little pizazz to your home page.

Design Tool Teaser

Let your users know that you’ve activated the design tool for your shop and that they can use it to customize your products. They can add text, choose different products, or change colors. The teaser explains it in three easy steps.

Design Preview

Make your designs a real eye-catcher and show off your skills on the homepage. Your customers be able to browse through your entire design library at a glance. You need at least four designs in your shop to activate the design preview.

Organize your designs under Page Settings > Product List Page > Sort..

Designs & Products

With this preview, you can showcase your whole variety of products. This way, your customers can check out how your designs look on very different product categories. You can display up to three designs on up to six products.

Organize your products and designs under Page Settings > Product List Page > Sort.

If you’re wondering whether to present designs or products on your home page, we’ve got a decision guide for you.

What do you think of our shop themes – did you find a good fit for your brand? We are also interested in any feedback you might have about our new previews and the design tool teaser. Let us know in the comments!

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