Marketplace Bestsellers for Christmas 2019

Marketplace Bestsellers for Christmas 2019

Find out what Marketplace customers bought most for Christmas 2018 and use your knowledge to create products sure to be a hit for Christmas 2019.

We’ve rummaged through our statistics drawer and found the Marketplace bestsellers for Christmas 2018. These products are sure to sell very well again this year and are classic gift picks. Add them to your Showroom today to help boost your Christmas sales.

We’ve selected 3 Marketplace bestsellers from each category: Men’s, Women’s, Kids & Babies as well as Accessories. Basics and neutral colors like black, navy, grey or white are generally the most popular picks. A popular color for kids last Christmas was also kelly green.

At Christmas, customers like to spend a little more money on gifts. The premium products from the Spreadshirt collection are a high-quality choice for your products.

Men’s Women’s Kids & Babies Accessories
Men’s T-shirt Women’s Premium T-shirt Kid’s Premium Hoodie Adjustable Apron
Men’s Premium T-shirt Women’s T-shirt Teenager T-shirt Mugs
Men’s Premium Hoodie Women’s Premium Hoodie Kid’s Premium T-shirt Tote Bags

Place your cool designs on the products listed here if they’re not in your Showroom already. With the Marketplace bestsellers, your assortment is sure to find a large target audience.

Want to know more? Learn how to spruce up your assortment and your Showroom for Christmas and which keywords customers search for most at Christmas.

Which products or colors did you sell particularly well for Christmas last year? Tell us in the comments!

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