The winners of the ‘Green Planet’ design contest are…

The winners of the ‘Green Planet’ design contest are…

We have searched for the 3 most beautiful and moving designs on the theme ‘Green Planet’ – and found them! Thank you all for your active participation. And here are the winners…

1st Place

Congratulations on winning first place, ByChristina! Your Earth-loving design save the planet has earned you 500 €!

First Place

2nd Place

If we want to save the Earth, we have to respect it. Our respect plus 250 € goes to Marja-Lisa Scholz for their design The end?.

3rd Place

laras creation clearly put some love into this planet-friendly design Eisbär Help. Enjoy your 100 € prize!


Thanks again for participating! Your eco-friendly designs have the potential to reach a wide audience and raise awareness of sustainability and climate issues.

Our next design contest will be in February. Please check the blog or the contest page for updates.

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  1. Oops that “chance” always winners are from Germany. Of this contest and the previous ones. Too bad that the rest of the world doesn’t have enough creativity. Or maybe I was wrong and they were only participants from Germany exclusively.

    • Hi Mariela,

      our largest designer community is from germany that is true so there is a much bigger engagement within this group. But I want to point out the jury, selecting the winner designs does not see any information of the partner. Only the design is presented.
      At the same time I want to encourage you to participate in our contests. Best Alex

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