Inspiration for the “Deep Sea Blue” Design Contest

Inspiration for the “Deep Sea Blue” Design Contest

The Pantone Institute has published the colour of the year 2020: Deep Sea Blue. Our next design contest is all about the deep ocean and the wonders it holds.

How to win

This design competition combines two themes: the color of the year and the place that gave the color its name. We’re looking for designs drug up from the depths of the ocean that feature this year’s iconic color.

How to find the color:

HTML: 004680

RGB: 0 70 128


Need a little more inspiration? Here are some ideas for you:

Mysterious underwater worlds

The deep sea is full of strange creatures and luminous fish. These marine wonders are a great starting point for your design.

Blue whales

Blue whales are extremely good divers and can reach depths of up to 400 metres below the surface. We humans are incapable of reaching such depths without protective suits and pressure equalization. Images of divers and blue whales capture our imagination because they make the sheer size of these huge marine mammals even more impressive.

Deep Sea Vents

The so-called “black (and sometimes white) smokers” are the hot springs of the deep sea. These hydrothermal vents create a biotope on the sea floor that is unique to the deep ocean. There is no other place in the darkness of the deep sea where plants can grow!

Dig Deep

The deeper the sea, the bluer it gets – all the way to deep sea blue. Create a design with a blue gradient or a beautiful deep-sea design against a deep blue background.

Matching products

As always, it’s not only your design that counts! The product you place the design on is also a large factor in choosing our winners. Choose products in dark blue or in other shades that compliment your dark blue design.

Choose a piece of clothing or choose a poster, a bag, a white cup or coaster to show off your marine motif to its best advantage.

Feeling inspired? Then just give your new deep blue sea design a go to enter the contest. And with a little luck, you’ll be one of the three winners to win a big cash prize. Remember to tag your design with #bluecontest to enter the competition!

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