Improved User Journey with the New Personalise Feature

Improved User Journey with the New Personalise Feature

The new personalise feature replaces the old link to the Customize Tool. It improves the user journey for your customers.

We improved the personalise feature for the benefit of a more straightforward customer journey. Marketplace Customers won’t end up and get sidetracked in the Customize Tool of the “Create” section of Spreadshirt’s website anymore. This is an important fact for your wallet as you can be sure that you’ll always earn your Design Price for Marketplace sales. You can be sure to receive it even if a customer chooses the new personalise feature on a product detail page. You will still get the Marketplace Design Price.

What changed exactly?

The new personalise feature replaces the old editing option for Marketplace products. In the past, customers were able to use the Customize Tool to make adjustments to the design, add text or add a new design from the design pool. They could also upload their own designs or replace the design completely. Basically, they were able to turn your product into something you didn’t want it to be.

The new personalise feature makes a welcome change here. It will still give the customers the opportunity to change the size of your design or move it to a different place. They will also be able to add text or choose a different product, but they won’t be able to customize it any further than that. This will also make sure that you’ll earn your Design Price, no matter what.  

What can customers do with the personalise feature?

  • Personalise the design by changing size or place
  • Move design to a different print area
  • Add their own text
  • Change product color of product type

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