New Product: Face Mask

New Product: Face Mask

In the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for face masks has considerably increased. That’s why we’ve added face masks to the Marketplace!

In some countries (e.g. Germany) wearing a face mask in public has already become mandatory. Other countries are sure to follow suit sooner than later.

Our face mask is no medical-grade material and shouldn’t be used as such. Nevertheless: our face mask offers added protection for nose and mouth, which is surely a bonus these days.

Why the face mask is good

The reusable mask has two elastic loops to tie it behind the ears. Its breathable fabric and a contoured shape make it a great alternative for anyone seeking something different away from the mainstream. Best of all, the mask is reusable and can either be washed by hand (which is better for the environment) or in a washing machine at 60°C.

And what makes the face mask really unique is that it is Spreadshirt’s first Marketplace product that can printed on the entire surface area. Good times to get creative! You can personalise it with everything from uplifting quotes to cheerful designs.

Additional information…

  • Pocket for adding a filter
  • Elastic loops to tie it behind the ears
  • 100% polyester, 100% cotton lining
  • Design price for face masks is 2,50€
  • Print area is 20 cm x 20 cm

Important Update May 8th, 2020: As of today, our Face Masks are available again! Stay tuned for more product additions in the coming weeks. What are you waiting for? Start designing face masks now!

Important: We’ve received a huge demand for the new face masks over the weekend which is why they’re currently unavailable. This is only a short term measure to ensure that we can meet our customers’ needs and we’re actively working to increase our supply. These masks will be available again soon, however until then we’d like to invite you to use the time to create your designs so that they’re ready to go as soon as possible.

Alternative protection

If the face mask isn’t your thing, consider adding the bandana to your product line. A bandana can be tied to cover mouth and nose, and it can be worn all-year-round as well.

We look forward to seeing the designs you create!

Stay healthy, stay creative!

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  1. “Mask with two fabric layers and a compartment for protective filter.” What do you mean by protective filter and where do you get protective filters from? Thanks.

    Kindest regards,


    • Hello Nathalie,

      this face mask is not a medical product and there is no proven protection against infection. But you can search online for a filter to integrate it in the compartment.

      Best regards,

  2. A few days it was made possible to sell mouthpieces. After a few trials I was able to cover the whole mask with design. I uploaded all, displayed it in my shop. Now I am ready to start advertizing it, it states they will be “available soon”. Why can’t we sell them anymore here in Europe?

    • Hello Henri d Jong,

      we had a real rush on the masks and received more orders than we could deliver. As a result, we had a temorary supply bottleneck and had to put the masks on stockout. Soon the masks will be available again, but initially with a longer delivery time to keep the amount of orders under control.
      We hope that things will soon run more smoothly again. We’ll keep you informed.

    • Hey Mattia,

      it is still in progress and will be done probably next week.

    • Hey Greg,

      currently we can only provide the white masks. But with All Over Print you could simply add a background color to your design so the mask only would have a white border.

      I hope this helps.

  3. We want to import to my worpress e-commerce the Mask. I need to know products category id so we can use them to import products.
    great job!
    thank you

    • Hey mattia,

      The ProductTypeID for the mask is 1456.
      Have a nice day and keep well!

    • Hola, José,

      Actualmente no hay planes para incluir otro color. Para utilizar todo el poder de impresión de la máscara, sus diseños deben tener al menos 4000 pixeles de alto y ancho. Entonces la escalada no debería ser un problema.

  4. It is very good that you have added this product. Just a pity about the expensive price. There are face masks for sale that are of decent quality at a cheaper price.

    • Hello Yvan,

      the masks we offer also include the designprize for the partners. The price for printing is also included. I can assure you that the demand is very high even at this price.
      And the price is also a tool to regulate this a little bit.

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