Meet the Product Wizard

Meet the Product Wizard

Placing all of your designs on a new product can be done with the wave of a wand. Learn how to expand your product range in just a few steps.

Before, adding designs to a new product was time consuming. Now, the Product Wizard lets you add your designs to a new product in a single step. The computing power of our servers and magical algorithms make it possible. Each design is automatically placed on the product with default settings.

How to keep your product range fresh

The Product Wizard works best with new products. Because in interaction with the new partner area messages we inform you directly “on site” about new products. Just click on the corresponding message and you will be forwarded directly to the Product Wizard with the new product. Choose your sales channel and click on “Add product”.

Here’s where the magic happens: All of your designs will be automatically placed on the new product, almost like there’s an invisible magic wand. It might take a bit of time for the algorithms to figure out the best placement of your designs. Depending on the amount of your designs, it could take a couple of hours.

Please note that all of your designs will be added to the product. Additionally, when the contrast between the color of a product and design is too low, we’ll automatically deactivate the product color. If you would rather have your designs available only for certain products, it’s best to keep using our templates.

While the Product Wizard works its magic, you can continue to use the Partner Area as usual. As soon as the new product has been added, you’ll receive a message and can continue with the next product.

Do you like the Product Wizard? Which new products would you like to see us add? Let us know in the comments!


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