They’re Heeeere: Stickers

They’re Heeeere: Stickers

Stickers have finally arrived on our European platform! Want to learn how stickers are made? Curious to know more about the product details? We’ve got all your questions answered below.

You and your customers have waited long enough! Stickers (ID 1459) have finally arrived on our European platform and they’ll be available on our US platform soon. Are you doing a happy dance? We sure are.

Product details

  • Material: 100% PVC film
  • Easily detachable back
  • Durable and temperature resistant
  • Easy to remove: Removes without residue
  • Color: White background with matte finish

Print & price details

  • Print area: max. 10 x 10 cm (for a square design), with the longest side up to 10 cm on non-square designs (cut-out according to the design)
  • Print and graphic types: Eco-Solvent accepts pixel and vector files (recommended for the design is 4000*4000 Pixels; PNG)
  • Not suitable for white designs
  • Retail price: 2,99 € (£2.69 GBP)
  • Design commission: 0,75 € (£0.65 GBP)

This is very important when creating a design

White design elements will not be visible, because the stickers are white. Please remember to remove any unwanted backgrounds, as this will complicate the printing process. Our printers will recognize each element in your file and cut this shape into a 10 x 10 cm square.

Read up on how to make the perfect sticker in our FAQ.

Learn how stickers are made

Have you ever wondered how stickers are made? This is your chance to find out! Take a virtual visit to our production facilities and watch stickers come to life before your very eyes.

Now that you’ve read all the basics, let’s get started on the fun part: designing. Whether you’ve already made some designs for stickers or not – now’s your time to shine.

First, check out our Pinterest Board for sticker inspo. Once you’ve got a few ideas in mind, the sky is the limit.

Create products, like magic

Already uploaded designs? Great! We’ve made it easier for you to add designs to our products with a new feature, the Product Wizard. With the Product Wizard you can add all of your new designs to stickers with just a few clicks. We’ve prepared a video so you can watch how it’s done!

Do you want to sell stickers on our American platform too? This fall stickers will be available on our platforms in North America and Oceania. Keep an eye out for their arrival.

Still have questions? All good. If we haven’t answered all of your questions in our FAQ, feel free to post them here in the comments or discuss with other Designers in the forum!

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  1. That’s a great news. I was hoping for stickers to be back at Spreadshirt one day, and that day finally arrived.

    I would like to mention one thing. With some designs the automatic cut-out makes the sticker look a bit strange.
    So when creating a sticker, it would be nice if we could modify a bit how the cut-out is done and also if we could select between rounded and scare cut-out.
    I know I might be asking too much right now. I can only wish these options to be available in the future.

    Thank you for bringing back the stickers.

    • Hi Angeland,

      thank you for the nice words regarding our stickers. 🙂 I forwarded your suggestions to my colleagues.

      Best Regards,

    • Hi Yvan,

      you shoud select your designs that fit best to the stickers. If you are using the product wizard all of your designs will be automaticall added to the stickers. If you don´t want that you have to select them manually. What we have already integrated is the automatic deactivation of product colors where the contrast between product color and design is too low. Especially for stickers with white background this means that white designs cannot be transferred to the stickers.

      Many greetings,

  2. Excellent! Love stickers. Can’t wait till you add them to the design space so we can actually put stuff on them to sell!

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