New Payout Notifications & Updated FAQ

New Payout Notifications & Updated FAQ

While your payout will remain the same, we’ve changed how you’ll receive payout notifications. Plus, updates to our FAQ.

Previously, your payout summary was calculated every four weeks from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next. Moving forward, you’ll receive a payout summary once every calendar month. So, from the first day to the last day of any given month. This will make it easier for you to see your monthly earnings.

Still a little confused? Our FAQ will break it down for you.

Crunching numbers

We’ve been calculating your design earnings like this since August. Any orders received after the 1st day of a new month will appear in your “Statistics.” These will not be paid out until the following month. On the other hand, all orders marked as “Shipped & Paid” before the 1st day of a new month, will be included in the current month’s summary.

Let’s say you’ve made a sale on October 28th, but it’s not marked as “Shipped & Paid” until October 31st. This will be included in your payout summary for October but will not be paid out until November. This is because your earnings are paid out within 15 business days after your balance has been settled.

As a refresher, you can view your sales history and balance in the Partner Area under “Statistics.” Sales that will be paid out in the coming month will be marked with a green triangle. While sales that have already been paid out will be marked with a green piggy bank. The black piggy bank shows the total payout amount. When clicking on these icons, you’ll also get detailed info about date of credit and date of payout.

Finally, the FAQ updates

Nobody likes taxes, but they’re a part of life! We’ve rewritten our FAQs specifically about “Designer Earnings—Taxation” and “Withholding Tax on Design Price Earnings.” Read up on these new and improved FAQs to make the most of your tax know-how.

Any questions? Be sure to let us know in the Forum!

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