Order Deadlines & Christmas Inspiration 2020

Order Deadlines & Christmas Inspiration 2020

The time has come for our 2020 Marketplace holiday order deadlines. Get ready to make Christmas magic happen!

The pre-Christmas season is the online shopping event of the year and COVID-19 is leading to an even higher online order volume this year. As a Designer, this means more sales opportunities for you! To let your fans know and to make sure your designs go online in time for the holiday shopping season, check out this year’s order deadlines.

But first, you’ll probably be glad to know that more people are shopping for gifts online even earlier this year. Take note: Cyber Weekend at the end of November is a particularly important shopping event.

Holiday order deadlines 2020

As always, our order deadlines are subject to change. Because of the pandemic, shipping is more unpredictable this year. To stay in-the-know, you can check the current delivery times on our website. 

Orders must be placed before midnight on the listed date on the listed top-level domain in order to be delivered by December 24th. 

Country Standard Premium Express
DE 13.12.20 15.12.20
AT 09.12.20 10.12.20 14.12.20
CH 10.12.20 09.12.20 14.12.20
NL I* 23.11.20 24.11.20 25.11.20
NL II* 10.12.20 10.12.20 14.12.20
BE 10.12.20 10.12.20 14.12.20
FR 09.12.20 09.12.20 14.12.20
GB 10.12.20 08.12.20 14.12.20
IE 03.12.20 07.12.20 12.12.20
DK 10.12.20 10.12.20 14.12.20
NO 06.12.20 06.12.20 10.12.20
SE 07.12.20 09.12.20 12.12.20
FI 07.12.20 07.12.20 12.12.20
PL 10.12.20 10.12.20 14.12.20
ES I** 08.12.20 07.12.20 14.12.20
ES II** 14.12.20 16.12.20 21.12.20
IT 09.12.20 09.12.20 14.12.20
Rest Europe 06.12.20
Outside Europe 30.11.20

*In the Netherlands there are two important gift occasions: Sinterclaas on December 5th and Kerst on December 24th. 
** In Spain there are two important gift occasions: Navidad on December 25th and Día de Reyes on January 6th.

Usually we need at least two days to ship an order. More orders mean there can possibly be production delays. Because the holidays are a busy and festive time, we’re doing everything we can to make sure all customers receive their orders in time for Christmas.

Are you ready for Christmas business?

We know how important the Christmas business is for you and your Showroom. That’s why we’ve collected some tips to help you prepare with new designs.

  1. Top search terms for Christmas 2019, will help you prepare for this year
  2. Design trends autumn/winter 2020, color and fashion trends for your Showroom
  3. What you can learn from Christmas 2019, with last year’s best-selling products and colors

Want even more inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board with 2020 holiday trends! Get inspired and learn about color trends, DIY ideas, ugly Christmas sweaters, must-have gifts and much more.

Do you have any questions or comments about the order deadlines or our recommendations? Let us know in the comments below.

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