Welcome to Spreadshirt Star Academy

Welcome to Spreadshirt Star Academy

It’s time to pack up your design tools and hop into the rocketship—your journey through the galaxies begins now! Discover your star class and see the epic benefits that await you.

With Spreadshirt Star Academy, we’ll actively support you in marketing and selling your designs. We want to make you the new star in a sky of designs. Our top highlights include:

  • An exclusive FanArt Program
  • Access to Spreadshirt campaigns
  • Instant publishing of your designs
  • International publishing of your designs

Every Designer has been awarded a star class (congrats!) As of right now, you can officially unlock your star class in the Partner Area.

If you didn’t know you were about to embark on a mission through outer space, you’ll want to watch the video below, read about Spreadshirt Star Academy or check out our Q&A and help pages.

What are your first experiences with Spreadshirt Star Academy? Let us know in the comments or in the forum. If you have any individual questions, feel free to send us an email

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  1. Fun! I made Astronaut!
    Sooooo….? When do we get to draw this FanArt-stuff? I’m really excited about that! Were will we be able to find invites, or will those be sent by email?

    have a great day!

    • Hey Patterns and Critters,

      we will inform you via blog and newsletter as soon as you are good to go, I promise 😉

      Best of wishes,


  2. these are my works directly drawn on a graphic board, in vector, so that they can immediately screen-print it

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