Time to Celebrate: You Can Publish Design Series Again

Time to Celebrate: You Can Publish Design Series Again

Good news for anyone who wants to sell a design series on the Marketplace… Thanks to the launch of Spreadshirt Star Academy, this feature has returned!

What is a design series?

A design series consists of several designs, where only one or two elements vary in each. An example is text like, “Vintage since [insert year]” with a different year from 1955 to 2000 being used for each design.

Why design series were not allowed

Thousands of Designers publish an incredible number of designs on the Spreadshirt Marketplace every day. Unfortunately, exciting and high-quality designs often get lost in the masses as a result. With the launch of Spreadshirt Star Academy, we’ve created a system that rewards high-quality designs.

Why design series are allowed again now

At Spreadshirt Star Academy, each Designer is assigned a star class. For each star class, there are different publishing limits that determine how many designs can be published in total per account. The introduction of the publishing limit means that from now on, you can decide which designs you want to fulfill your publishing limit.

Pros and cons of a design series

Design series have advantages and disadvantages. One advantage is that if you’re running low on inspiration, it’s okay. Because you can easily create many designs that are variations of one really good idea. Actually, some design series are very successful!

Design series also have disadvantages. For example, designs with outdated years, dates or cultural references quickly become irrelevant and unsellable. Since the differing elements are often very specific, you have to adjust the designs more often. So, when you add new designs to a series, you should delete designs that are no longer relevant. This will help prevent you from using up your publishing limit for designs that no longer sell.

Also, pay attention to whether your designs and design series are helping you move up with Spreadshirt Star Academy. The higher your star class, the more advantages and opportunities you will enjoy – all the way up to your publishing limit being lifted.

Remember, it’s always important your designs don’t violate our rules or Community Standards. If your designs are rejected too often, we’ll freeze the benefits of your star classes and your status will become ‘Lost in Space.’

Do you have any questions about design series and their role at Spreadshirt Star Academy? Then discuss with us in the forum!

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