New feature: See how your designs perform

New feature: See how your designs perform

Want to know which of your designs are selling well or how high your profits for each design are? Get an overview with our new statistics feature.

Your Design Performance: your new key to success

With the new Design Performance feature in your Statistics, you can now sort your designs by sales and revenue. This gives you a detailed overview of your designs – which ones are successful and which ones have some catching up to do. Filter by sales channel and time period to go even deeper into the analysis. With this powerful new tool at hand, you can easily optimize the sale of your designs.

Showroom Optimization Tip #1: Sort out designs

A well-maintained and tidy Showroom is the best guarantee that your in-demand designs will be found and purchased quickly. With the new design tab in your statistics, it’s now even easier to optimize your Showroom: Just deactivate the designs that don’t sell so well and focus on the designs with the best performance.

  • Open Design Performance in your Statistics
  • Click on “Sales” or “Revenue” in the table header and sort your designs so that the “non-performers” are displayed first
  • Select the designs that have never sold, are outdated or that just don’t fit your current portfolio anymore
  • Now you can deactivate these designs for individual sales channels or delete them completely

This function is also especially interesting for all Pilots and Astronauts in the Spreadshirt Star Academy – designers who have a publishing limit of 200 and 500 designs respectively. This way you can quickly and easily make room for more designs, sell more and level up to the next star class, where you won’t have a publishing limit.

Showroom Optimization Tip #2: Align with the Season

Even though Christmas is still a few weeks away, the holiday shopping season has already begun. Be sure to take advantage of increased demand. Optimize your Showroom for the upcoming holiday season by combining two statistics:

  • Open Design Performance and your best-selling products in two different browser tabs
  • Select the sales channels relevant to you – the same in both tabs
  • Set the time period to the Christmas season last year, for example from November 1st to December 24th
  • Combine the best-performing designs with the best-selling products from last year’s Christmas sales to create especially popular Marketplace products and increase your sales
  • Of course, you can vary and repeat this for any other holiday or sales season – the sky’s the limit!

Your design performance in detail

Want all the details? Switch to the detail view for any design and see how many sales it’s had, how much revenue it has generated and on which products it has been sold.

The new Design Performance tab is a smart little tool that you can learn a lot from. Use it to analyze and increase your sales.

Do you have any other ideas on how to use the Design Performance tab in a clever way? Let us know in the comments or in the forum.


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