Bestselling Products January to March 2021

Bestselling Products January to March 2021

Which products and colors did customers love last year between January to March? Find out to choose the right basics for your new designs.

New year, new designs, new customers. As always, we’ve rounded up the customer favorites from this season last year to help you decide where to feature your next designs. No surprises here: T-shirts and hoodies were the chart-toppers. When it comes to accessories, however, one product really took the lead.

Discover the product highlights, color favorites and favorite combos from the first quarter of 2021 here. We can’t wait to see your first designs for 2022.

Top 3 Bestsellers

Men Women Unisex Kids & Babies Accessories
Men’s T-Shirt

(ID 6)

Women’s T-Shirt

(ID 631)

Unisex Hoodie

(ID 1047)

Kids’ Premium Hoodie

(ID 654)


(ID 1459)


Men’s Premium T-Shirt

(ID 812)

Women’s Premium T-Shirt

(ID 813)

Contrast Colour Hoodie

(ID 1007)

Organic Short-sleeved Baby Bodysuit

(ID 560)

Full Colour Mug

(ID 949)

Men’s Premium Hoodie (ID 20) Women’s Hoodie

(ID 1325)

Unisex Tri-Blend T-Shirt by Bella & Canvas

(ID 1212)

Teenage T-Shirt

(ID 725)

Face mask

(ID 1456)


Most popular colors

Back to basics! Customers went for black, navy and white from January to March 2021. These colors are always a safe bet for your designs. Your designs might be colorful, but these neutral shades will provide a great backdrop for those pops of color. Ready for last year’s top 7?

  1. Black
  2. Navy
  3. White
  4. Matte white
  5. Heather grey
  6. Royal blue
  7. Charcoal

The most popular product/color combinations

Besides the usual suspects, a contrast hoodie has crept into the bestsellers. And are those splashes of red? Behold:

  • Men’s T-shirt (ID 6): black, navy, graphite, heather grey
  • Men’s Premium Hoodie (ID 20): black, navy, charcoal, heather blue
  • Women’s T-shirt (ID 631): black, navy, white, heather grey
  • Women’s Hoodie (ID 1325): black, navy, bordeaux
  • Unisex Hoodie (ID 1047): black, navy, charcoal, bordeaux
  • Contrast Hoodie (ID 1007): black/red, heather grey/navy, black/heather grey
  • Kids Premium Hoodie (ID 654): Black, Navy, Royalblue, Anthracite
  • Baby organic short sleeve bodysuit (ID 560): dark navy, heather grey, white, black
  • Mug plain (ID 949): Black, Royal blue, Red

That’s it! There you have it, the bestsellers of the 1st quarter. As you can see, stickers have turned the world of accessories upside down. So if you haven’t joined the party, here’s your invitation.

Brew yourself a nice hot cup of tea, take a deep breath and relax as you head back to the drawing board and dream up more creative designs for the coming months.

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Questions? Ask them in the comments or in the forum.

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