Metadata Made Easy

Metadata Made Easy

We’ve cleaned up our metadata page. It’s now faster and easier to find the right metadata for your designs.

Metadata plays a crucial role in your sales success. After all, you can only sell your designs if people can find them. With the right metadata, you can ensure that your designs are searchable on Google and, of course, on the Marketplace. To make effective metadata as easy as possible for you, we’ve optimized metadata page to better support you.

Optimized page structure

The most obvious optimization we’ve made is to the user interface of the metadata page itself. It’s now cleaner and helps you fill in the metadata fields as well as possible, featuring new and more advanced explanations.

New features

If you need a refresher on why metadata is so important for your sales success, check out this blog post. Our top tip: metadata should be as unique and as specific as possible. To describe your designs precisely, you may need to look at them again in more detail. Now you can do that directly on the metadata page. Simply hover your mouse over the design and use the magnifying glass to zoom in on it. The moon icon next to the magnifying glass will allow you to change the design background from dark to light. Contrast is important here: if you have a light design, it will look best on a dark background and vice versa.

New translation feature for international sales

If your designs are suitable for international target groups, you can now manage your metadata translations even easier thanks to our new translation feature. Simply activate the option “Automatically translate all languages” and we will translate all metadata for you automatically – free of charge and without any extra effort from you.If you speak a certain language particularly well, you can adapt the metadata in this language yourself. Just choose the language and correct the translations manually.

Please note: For new designs, it can sometimes take several days until the automatic translation is complete in all languages. Also, you should only adjust the automatic translations if you have a good command of the target language. This is because, as already mentioned, designs will only be found and purchased if the metadata really fits to the design.

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