One V-neck and one T-Shirt-dress, please!

That’s right guys, it’s time to get fashionable and I am very happy to announce 3 additions that will definitely suit that most stylish of categories:

Men’s V-Neck T-Shirt by Canvas

The shirt was introduced in the US last summer and became very popular. So we couldn’t miss the opportunity to do the same over here and get famous in this very fashionable shirt that boasts very light material and a fitted cut. Canvas is an American brand and the male pendant to bella.
You get the shirt in 4 nice colours: white, black, navy and royal blue and all are printable with all techniques

The new V-neck will replace the Unisex V-Neck by American Apparel in the near future. We are going to transfer most of your created articles to the new style.

Women’s T-Shirt Dress

I’m delighted to finally announce and promote the highly-requested, long-term-tested and now available t-shirt dress. You can call it tunic, dress or whatever you want. It’s longer than a t-shirt but shorter than a maxi dress. So let’s just say it has the perfect length and fit! The brand new item comes from a French brand SOL’s that is quite popular in France and also offers a very good standard in terms of quality. I think you’re gonna like the scoop neck as well as the light weight and loose cut fit since that gives you the ultimate flexibility in terms of combinations, occasions and seasons!

The dress comes in 2 stylish colours – black and indigo blue – and is printable with all techniques except digital direct (sadly!).

My personal recommendation is to combine it with a colourful belt and your favourite accessories in the same colour.

As a third addition we added the colour charcoal to our existing Women’s V-Neck T-Shirt to give you a new inspiration and more fashionable articles.

And that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy the new stuff. For the next launch we address our additions to some belly’s out there 🙂

Stay tuned my friends!