Gift wrap it, please!

Gift wrap it, please!Let’s be honest – looking for the right gifts for friends and family can be quite a kill-joy. And when it comes to gift wrapping, what really takes the fun out of functionality is a wicked combination of a) lacking the patience and b) the dexterity to twiddle with wrapping paper, ribbons and scissors during a time when your ease turns cottage cheese in the frenzy of the pre-Christmas season. Enough of that! No more chequered gift paper with rosy ribbons and hastily applied scotchtape. We’re striking a blow for burritos, glasses and record sleeves! Our gift wrapping ideas are so smart that the lucky recipients will not want to open their gifts at all…

The Burrito Gift Wrap

Ingredients: Aluminium foil, paper bag, post-it notes (or other paper), stapler
suitable gifts: T-shirts, aprons and similar

Burrito Gift Wrap

Fold the apron (or other garment) to fit the width of the paper bag so that you can later put it inside the bag. Then loosely roll up the garment. Use the aluminium foil to wrap it tight. Push the loose ends of the foil into the garment. Now put the ‘burrito’ in the bag and close the opening. Leave a personal message on the post-it note and staple it to the top of the bag.

The Jam Jar Wrap

Ingredients: big jar with lid
suitable gifts: baby clothing, small T-shirt, apron

Jam Jar Wrap

Rinse the jars thoroughly. Fold the fabrics to match the jar’s height.  Then roll it up and put into the glass. Adorn the lid to with Christmassy decoration or wrap it up in paper and leave a personal note on it. Tie a ribbon around the jar to complete the picture.

The Longsleeve Wrap

Ingredients: Shirt/sweatshirt/hoodie
suitable gifts: picture book, any bigger (square) presents

Longsleeve Wrap

Spread out the hoodie (or other garment) on a table, and put the gift centrally arranged under the hood. Then fold the hood and the bottom half of the hoodie on top of the gift. Finally, cross the sleeves and flip the gift on its back. Now tie the sleeves into a knot or use a ribbon to tie up the sleeves.

The Record Sleeve Wrap

Ingredients: white or colourful cardboard, glue, scissors
suitable gifts: T-Shirts

Record Sleeve Wrap
Use a T-shirt to fold it into a square shape and measure the sides (in our case 28cm x 28cm/ 11” x 11”). When picking the cardboard, make sure it’s twice the length of these measurements plus about an inch (3cm) of extra margin for gluing the edges together.

Please refer to this template to finish the wrapping. The dotted line indicates the edge for folding. Apply glue on both of the side flaps and carefully stick the front and back side together. Now you can insert the T-shirt the way you would put a record in its sleeve.

We hope that your presents will work a treat, and that you’ll have a great Christmas! Would you like to share gift-wrap ideas? Please leave a comment below!

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