Behind the scenes – the new Spreadshirt TV advert

Behind the scenes – the new Spreadshirt TV advert

Spreadshirt TV spot

A few weeks ago, our new advert premiered on TV. Our paparazzi took some behind-the-scene footage of the clip that was shot in Barcelona this past February, and we’re going to supply you with the most interesting details on the shoot. Check out this blog special!

When in Spain…

You’d think that going down south means sandy beaches, sunshine and sunscreen galore. So did we. We were in for a little surprise, though, as Barcelona in February is about 16° Celsius and a very windy place indeed. Can’t blame us for dropping the sunscreen then, can you? This meant it was red-nose day for some of us on the second day of the shoot already.

Big numbers

It took a total of 25 people behind the scenes to work on a 47-second clip: director, stylists, producers and talent coordinators. The team was busy taking care of another 50 people that can now be seen in the clip, most of them casted on the spot in the streets of Barcelona. We were pleasantly surprised by the positive and charming personality the Barcelonians brought to the scene.
Fully intent on doing things the big way, we took the clip out of the studio and into the high-street, to a roofed terrace and a mansion in the hills.
There were a total of 150 Spreadshirt products on sight. This way we could guarantee that the director and the stylists had appropriate co-stars at hand for each of the individual scenes.

Visual diversity

Dutch director John Kramer is famous for producing a number of prime TV adverts, for example for Coca Cola and other major brands. Kramer is someone to focus on the visual diversity of emotions displayed in an authentic way while creating a dramatic visual plot. In our clip, this is emphasized by the application of GoPro cameras, and celluloid lovers will appreciate some super8 footage that completes the image material.

A whole lot of fun

The fun factor was what made the clip, and it clearly shows. On both of the main days on which it was shot, the alarm bells rang at a most unearthly hour, but it was well worth it: smiling faces and highly motivated folks all around made the shoot a joy to take part in for everyone, and a top-of-the-range catering service supplied new energy when it was needed. Oh, fond memories of Spanish tapas, coffee and chocolate…!

Have you seen our latest TV advert? We want to know what you think – do you like it? And what do you make of the designs that can be seen in the clip?

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