New Partner Area: The fast way to perfect products for your designs

New Partner Area: The fast way to perfect products for your designs

Selling designs on products in the Marketplace or your own Shop entails the same management efforts. We’ve improved the way you can manage your designs for you to save you time and hassle. Now you can adjust pricing and keywords for multiple designs and determine the product colours you want to offer in a single step. Ultimately, you’ll have your designs ready for sale more swiftly and effortlessly.

Manage multiple designs

We’ve made changes in the design overview section. Maybe you’ve seen the little check boxes in the top-right corner of the design tiles already – tick these to choose as many designs as you like to edit. The menu bar on top changes as soon as you select a design. You will now find the options “Keywords” and “Design Price” there. Choose one of these options to apply it to all the designs you selected. It’ll save you heaps of time when adjusting the pricing or keywords of your designs. And yes, you can already look forward to more options to make your life easier in the next few months.

Select product colours

It gets even better. When creating products with your design, you can now select a colour for a whole product group. Just change the colour of the default product (shelf product in the tile) to set the tone for the product group you want to show your customers.  

You will find a colour-ball icon in the bottom-right corner of the product group tile to make change. Please note – customers can still freely choose a different product colour on a product’s detail page. Next up, it will be possible for you to limit the choice customers have to influence product colour selections in the very near future.

These new features are designed to help you save lots time that you can use for the benefit of carving out your brand and intensifying your marketing efforts, all for the sake of extending your fan community. Give it a go!

Have you gained first-hand experience with the new features? How do you put the time you save to good use?  Please do let us know in the comments.

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  1. Hi, if you are still using the old partner areas are there plans to move us over to the new partner areas? I have lots of existing designs & I would love to make the most of the new partner area features.

    All the best

    • Hi Richard,

      There are indeed plans – but there are still some features missing before the migration can happen.

      We will of course let you know in time.


  2. Hi Lena,
    Product question please – as a ‘customer’ I just uploaded a design and ordered the ‘women’s boat neck’ sweatshirt as a sample, to see what quality was like.
    But in my design/dashboard area as a ‘partner’ when I choose ‘ Women’s’ and Sweatshirts as a Product Group, it is only showing me one type of sweat as a product option. ( The Stanley & Stella organic sweat). I have tried all categories but this ‘boat neck’ is not showing anywhere!
    Why is this? Also – is there still no way to choose the specific colours I offer ( as i don;t want customers to order a white or pale coloured sweat if it’s a white design!)
    I’m not sure if I am still on the old or new dashboard, and whether that matters? Please help! thanks

    • Hi Alison, I’m sorry for the late reply! The boatneck sweater is not part of the partner (shop) assortment. It’s only part of the assortment for Spreadshirt customers on the Spreadshirt Marketplace or in the Create your Own area.
      There is no possibility to limit the number of product colours yet but this is planned until the end of the year.

  3. I like the way the new partner area is evolving.
    One idea to really save 70-80% time:

    Why not make is possible to create productgroup templates? If you have similar designs (which could be type, size, only for light products or only for dark products) it would save a huge amount of time if you could select pre made templates (made by the user) where the preselected products in the right color pop up on the preselected location.

    For example. I have 10 designs that are 15 x 20 cm for dark shirts. Why not make it possible to select a user made template that fits the design on the prefered location, on the preselected color? It would reduce manual work with at least 70-80%. Most time would be in creating templates (which is done by the user), but once you’ve done that it’s a huge time saver.

    Please contact me if you have any questions.

    • Hi Richard,

      Once you upload a new designs the settings you have made for your last design are applied to the newly uploaded design. Or do you mean something else?


    • Hi Lena,

      I mean: I have a few designs in the backlog that needs to be processed. Every time I select a new design to create products I have to change all products back to white colors and so on.


    • That’s not what I meant Lena. There are no presets where you can like store a default preset with settings.

      Preset 1: Male+female clothes – color white – design position centre front – design color black
      Preset 2: Male clothes – color black- design position centre front – design color white

      Etc. If you can create your own presets the possibilities are endless and save huge amounts of time.

    • Alright! Thanks for explaining it in more detail. I will pass it along. This is exactly the kind of feedback we are looking for. So thank you 🙂

    • Hi,

      No, it is not possible to ignore the white background. You need to get rid of the white background yourself.


  4. Tim,

    It is true, when getting in touch with spreadshirt, they can give you better insight in why designs were rejected. Lena, I must also admit that the reasons givin on the website are VERY sparse to say the least. Also, sometimes the reason, very personal seems to be dependent on personal taste. I would say that designs like that get the benefit of the doubt. If it doesn’t sell, then the designer can always opt to retract the design.

    I am, as Tim, anxious to know when double sided designs will become available.

  5. Things looked promising when we first looked at Spreadshirt, but since it’s not possible to print double-sided designs we are a little disappointed. Couple this with the rejection of several of our preferred designs without any explanation then it’s hard to see a path forwards.

    • Hi Tim,

      Thanks for your feedback. Printing on both sides of products is something we are working on. Stay tuned! You can also let me know the design IDs of the designs that were rejected and I can give you some more insight into the reasons. It probably due to quality or due to copyright infirngement reasons. Happy to help 🙂


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