More Stats Than You Can Shake a Stick At: The Spreadshirt App Update

More Stats Than You Can Shake a Stick At: The Spreadshirt App Update

What’s better than checking out your sales statistics and finding a steeply-rising profit curve? Not much, really. To present your sales success as clearly as possible, we’ve updated the Spreadshirt Partner app. The newest version details your sales and the resulting revenue like never before. There are also tips for even more sales success. In other words: making money with Spreadshirt just got even easier. See what’s new.

The Spreadshirt App has evolved, and is now better suited to fulfil your needs as a salesperson. Where the previous version only displayed your number of sales, the update gives you a much more comprehensive picture of sales and revenue across various sales channels and time periods. Try it out right away! If you’re not already using the app, you can easily download it on Google Play or in the Apple Store.

Here are all the details of the new Spreadshirt App version:

The Overview Page

On the updated overview page, you can find out at a glance the next commission pay-out date, how much you’ll be receiving for that pay-out, how many sales you have made during a certain time period, and how your sales have developed during this period. An infographic based on your sales figures clearly illustrates the ups and downs of your sales success.


Under “Revenue”, your sales and income are now separated by sales channel. You’ll also see a detailed overview of the type of income you’ve been credited for a certain design. To clarify this even more, you’ll be able to filter earnings by design prize, Affiliate Commission and Volume Commission. You can also specify a time period, so you can see the income of different pay-out periods in detail.


Under “Sales”, you’ll find a breakdown of your sales statistics, which design or product was ordered and in what quantity, and a breakdown of colour and size sales. Again, you can specify certain time periods for your statistics or filter them by individual sales channels.

Selling Tips

If you’re yet to make your first sale or you’re not doing as well as you had hoped, the updated Spreadshirt App can help get you going with valuable sales tips. Putting this inside knowledge into practice is a great way to kickstart your hard work and effort.


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New Name

We changed the name from “Spreadshirt Partner” to “Spreadshirt Sales Stats” to highlight its functionality.

How do you like the updated Partner app? What types of improvements would you like to see next? Your opinion is important to us! Add your comments below.

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  1. Love love love the update! I was starting to wonder why the app wasn’t correctly showing the sales for the last few weeks so I guess it was due to this upcoming update!

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