Take Your Shop to Another Level with YouTube

Take Your Shop to Another Level with YouTube

YouTube is known as the go-to platform for video content. What many people haven’t realised is that YouTube provides more than entertainment. It’s a strong marketing tool containing one of the world’s largest social networks. While most businesses have finally implemented social media into their marketing plan, YouTube is often overlooked.

So, why promote your shop with YouTube? More and more marketing trends are making a push for video streaming. With 2018 just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to promote your shop on YouTube and get your feet wet in the world of video creation.

YouTube is Brand Personality

Raising awareness is one of the most important components of marketing. However, you could see some struggles if there aren’t human characteristics to associate with your brand. These characteristics give your business depth and personality. If your audience is aware of your values and efforts, they will feel an automatic connection to your brand. It’s not worth sidestepping brand persona, especially when relatability is one of the strongest selling points for today’s average consumer.

Educate Your Following

YouTube has turned education into entertainment. Between tutorials, tips and tricks, and updates and games, there are endless opportunities for video-based content. In recent years, brands have put a strong focus on messaging over education, which is a big mistake. You’re the expert in your industry, so educating your following through content is a notable marketing strategy.

Fortunately, you can use your “educating” as a way to guide customers to your Shop. For instance, if your Shop revolves around nature, you could consider producing a video that shows your favorite hiking spots (and you can conclude the video with info about your Shop). If your Shop is about food, you can review nearby restaurants before guiding customers to your designs. If your audience is engaged in your videos, they’ll have accurate brand information to reference and share with others… and they’ll also be more willing to buy.

Keep Your Audience Updated

YouTube is the perfect platform to keep your audience updated. If you’re an entrepreneur, then you know there are many moving parts to your brand. Between holidays, promotions, new shop designs, and everything else, it’s important to keep your customers in the loop. YouTube doesn’t only allow you to share exciting news; it also gives you the chance to explain the benefits of shop updates as well. With platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there’s only so much information you can get across before interest is lost. Start sharing updates on YouTube, and your message will reach your audience a lot faster.

YouTube Tells a Story

It’s difficult to nurture emotional connections with your audience when your content is nothing but a bunch of bland statements. Engage your customers by sharing the visual story behind your brand.

Since the majority of purchases are made based on an emotional connection, it’s important to share struggles, goals, hopes and ideas with your audience. Thank them for their support. Tell them about why you started your Shop in the first place, and explain why your Shop’s theme/cause resonates with you personally. If they feel like they’ve connected with your brand’s message, it’s likely they’ll keep coming back for more!

Share Your Creative Process

Your audience is bound to love your shop designs, but do they know the time and effort you put into them? YouTube enables you to share your work ethic and creative process with the world. Your creations won’t just be designs; they will become intricate works of art that represent who you are as a shop owner. When your creative process is understood, you’re providing depth and meaning to your business. Don’t leave your audience in the dark.

In Conclusion

Many people are apprehensive to get in front of a camera and experiment with video. The scary, “what ifs” start running through their mind. The important thing is that you’re getting meaningful content out to the public. Even if just one person watches your video, then that’s already a step in the right direction. Be confident, stay positive and continue to educate your audience via high-quality videos. Results will roll in before you know it!

Have you used Youtube to promote your shop? What worked, what didn’t? Share your experiences in the comments!

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    • on YT, most people ( I assume) try to optimize for SEO. But it seems like people aren’t on YT looking to buy Tees etc. It seems an effort in futility, which is why actual tips to accompany this article would be super 🙂

  1. should videos link or feature designs only? i have a channel trying to get views for designs and have like a dozen vids and views are very very rare. At this point I’m like what’s the use? Best practices would be greatly appreciated.

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