DIY: Make little things count

DIY: Make little things count

Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is a divisive topic – “skimming off profit from emotions“, some might say, whereas others just whole-heartedly enjoy celebrating the love they share with their partner. Of course there’s a grain of truth in either side, and we think that Valentine’s Day doesn’t necessarily mean having to celebrate it at fancy restaurants while sipping champagne and slurping oysters. What counts comes from the heart, and we’ve packed a small bag of love that says what it should: it’s just so good to have you.

Get showered in hearts

Valentines Day

February is a month that’s not immediately associated with picnics in the park, and on many a day it’s morosely cold and rainy and glum. There is, however, something very smart you can do to fill the remaining months until spring comes with warmth and affection. Let the heart(s) speak!

You can adorn a brolly with red hearts that flap openly in the wind every time your honey bunny gets exposed to adverse weather conditions.

How so? Nip down to your local arts and crafts shop and look for heart garlands. Alternatively, you can cut out hearts from colourful sugar paper (construction paper), glue them to a red woollen thread and tie the fluffy chain of hearts to the spokes of an umbrella.

Welcome to cuddly times

Valentines Day

Talking about picnics – they’re surely not reserved to warm summer Sunday afternoons. On chilly days when the mere thought of leaving your cosy abode fills you with shivers, you can resort to a very simple, yet super effective way to show how much you care for the one close to your heart. All you need is a blanket, strawberries, a bottle of bubbly pink and some chocolate. Spread it out on your living room floor, and be sure the love will soon be spread as well!

More details? Add a few pillows on the blanket and gather all the candles you can find neatly around your playground. No candles at hand? You can use a string of lights as well, or both. The put a tray, chopping board or similar in the middle of the blanket, and garnish it with berries, grapes, anti-pasti, chocolate and other tasty little delicatessen. Add baguette, cheese and wine, and let the romance descend upon your cushy love nest.

Let the heart speak

Valentines Day

What do you touch on a daily basis? And what do you just love consuming? That’s right, your favourite hot brew. When served in your fave mug, having a lovely cup of tea or invigorating coffee just feels like nothing else. So why not put some heart on your favourite person’s mug?

This is how: Choose a mug – ideally one with a name, nickname or photo showing the two of you. Then use adhesive foil to attach the design. Take a water resistant pen and draft up the outline of a heart around the foil.

How do you show emotions – in a subtle way, bang out in the open or like the old-fashioned knight of the rose? Please do share your secrets with us and leave a comment below!

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