Exciting News for your Shop

Exciting News for your Shop

We’ve got as many as three pieces of exciting news for you and your Shop! Customers can now freely choose languages and currencies. It won’t stop there: you can also link up your social media channels and improve your marketing measures with extended tracking options in just a few clicks. Check it out now!

One click away from all languages and currencies

Let’s say you’ve set up your Shop for the UK and chosen the pound as your currency. Customers from Ireland get confused with the currency, and anyone from mainland Europe is not only forced to see unfamiliar pricing, but also in need of navigating in a strange language (due to the domain setting). This can now be remedied with a few clicks.

Go to your Shop Area and click through Shops > Shop name & Info > Name, description & language and then Activate all languages so that customers can choose a country in your Shop’s footer and pay in their currency.

These countries and their respective currencies are supported:


Germany Austria
France Denmark
Switzerland (German, French, Italian) Spain
UK Netherlands
Ireland Norway
Belgium (French and Dutch) Sweden
Italy Finland

North America and Australia

USA Canada (English and French)

Social media icons in your Shop

This feature has long been requested! Use social media icons to link up your Shop to your social media channels of choice. Social media icons will be displayed well visible in the header and footer area (on mobile devices only in the footer).

In your Shop settings, enter the ”Header & Colours“ section and then click on ”Social Media Icons“. Here you can choose if and how many icons you’d like to offer, how many symbols you want to show as well as which profile on the respective site should be linked up with. Just enter your user name (not the URL), and then click on “Apply changes“ to add the pretty icons to your Shop’s profile.

Improved tracking

To facilitate the analysis of customer behaviour, we combined the options for tracking customers, both in your Shop and the checkout. These can be accessed with Advanced Settings > Web Analytics now.

You can also activate Facebook Tracking with Facebook Pixels in your Shop. And Google Analytics keeps giving you valuable info by stating the Tracking ID.

Learn more about Tracking.

We’re happy to be able to introduce these features to you. Have fun trying them out!

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  1. Hi, Is there any news on integrating the US and EU/UK shop system for orders yet? I’d like to use the Spreadshop plugin to sell print on demand products on the new website I’m building in WordPress, but I can’t imagine having to choose between the UK and worldwide markets. I currently send my clients to my redbubble portfolio for POD products, and people can order from anywhere in the world, of course, as rb have printers worldwide. Has Spreadshirt dispensed with the need to have two separate shops yet? Thank you, Jay

    • Hi Jay,

      You can create a EU shop and customers from all over the world can order (just that the prices will show in Pounds). What I would suggest to you is to create a UK and US Shop and link both shops in your shopadmin. Customers are then automatically led to either the US shop or the UK shop. You won’t have to do anything.

      Let me know if you have any other questions,

  2. Thanks so much for the exciting updates, Lena!
    Spreadshirt just keeps getting better and better!

    One Question,
    Does that mean that we don’t have to set up a separate EU shop anymore?
    I am in the US and was told I had to open an EU shop so that intl. customers could enjoy
    better shipping speeds and lower shipping costs.

    Can people worldwide just order from one shop and then the order is routed to fulfillment center closest to them?

    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Claudette,

      Thanks for your lovely feedback.
      Unfortunately, the EU and North American shops are not connected yet. You still have to open a European Shop. Of course say a German customer could order in your US shop but the order will be produced in the US. It is not possible to have your order routed to a European fulfillment center due to legal and technical reasons. But we are working on it!!!


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