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From flowery bonnets to custom snapbacks.

The practice of wearing personalised hats can be dated back to the 19th Century, when woman would decorate their bonnets with flowers and ribbons. Today there are a number of ways to personalise a hat or cap, including adding graphics and logos, text and slogans or simply adding a personalised design. The desire to create custom hats reflects the wish to stand out from the crowd. Being different and unique is a wish that holds still true today. Spreadshirt lets you be creative and design your own hat, whether it’s a custom snapback or personalised beanie.

Custom Hats come in many different styles.

Spreadshirt UK offers a wide range of different hats ready to customise. Choose between creating a custom snapback, or designing your own bobble hat, amongst other choices. For the summer months, creating personalised caps like our Flexfit and standard baseball caps are the perfect choice. For the colder winter months, you can create a personalised winter hat by selecting either the winter hat from Result Caps, The Jersey Beanie from Build Your Brand, or the Bobble Hat for SOL’s. The latest addition to the Spreadshirt range of hats and caps is the snapback cap from Beechfield. Custom snapbacks are the newest trend to emerge, and with 7 colour combinations to choose from and a large print area, this model is the perfect way to express yourself in the most imaginative way.

Different printing techniques for different hats.

Once you have made you choice of which style of hat you want to go for and finalised the design, you need to select the most suitable printing technique. If you want your print to have a smooth finish, then flex print would be the best option. For a more distinctive velvety finish, flock print is the right choice. And to really make a statement, you should consider one of the special print foils we have available, including glow-in-the-dark, glittery gold & silver, or even a reflective finish. These print methods are a form of plot printing and offer exceptional durability and vivid colours.

Why stop at personalised hats

You could take this personalisation one stage further and design a custom T-shirt to go with your new hat. Using a design which compliments your new headwear will mean that your whole outfit makes the right statement. It’s as easy to upload and order two products as it is to order one, and you can be sure that the extra wow factor is huge. Of course, designing a matching hat and T-shirt combo means you can wear them together or separately depending on your mood and the weather.

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