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It’s in the hat

From the very posh ascot cap to the pope's zucchetto - everybody needs a hat! Imagine a burglar without balaclava or a graduate without biretta: a hat is what makes a difference when it comes to meeting the occasion. And you don't need to wear a Fedora to be smart or a Gatsby hat to look rich. The good news is: you can create your own hat or cap at Spreadshirt to customise a hat for any occasion.

A hatful of history

Head covering of various styles have been around ever since ancient cultures in Egypt, Greece and Rome. Pharaohs would wear impressive head clothing to express their God-like status, and their slaves would don skull caps as a means of protection from the sun. Women wore veils and hoods, and hatmakers were busy making wool felt hats for men in the middle ages. This was the time when the hat turned into a distinct status symbol for everyone.

Women then started to take a liking to bonnets in the 19th century, and they began personalising them with ribbons and feathers. When it became fashionable for women to cut their hair shorter in the 1920s, low lying hats that tightly embraced the head became en vogue. And of course there are hats for special occasions such as the horse races at the Royal Ascot in England that have always required wearing a certain kind hat to be in line with etiquette rule.

The rise of the baseball cap

The baseball hat as we know it today has been around since the 1940s. Its peak – also known as bill or brim – is designed to protect your eyes from the sun. A baseball cap is an important way of identifying with your team, and a print-on logo showing the mascot or crest of your team clearly states where your loyalties lie. Matched with your team’s colours, you send a strong message of support for your club.

Custom baseball caps

At Spreadshirt, we offer a variety of caps and hats. You can e.g. create your own baseball cap with logos, designs and slogans. These caps range from the classic one-size-fits-all baseball cap with adjustable metal closure to the flexifit baseball cap and also the snapback cap. The latter is a popular icon of clothing for rappers and hip-hop kids, and at Spreadshirt it comes in a newly refined retro look with contrasting visors. Whether you feel like wearing the visor backwards, sideward or in front – you'll always add a degree of coolness to your look. You could take this customisation one stage further and design a custom t-shirt to go with your new hat. Using a design which compliments your hat will mean that your whole outfit makes the right statement. It’s as easy to upload and order two products as it is to order one, but the extra effect is huge. Designing a matching hat and t-shirt combo means you can wear them together or separately depending on your mood or the weather.

Winter Hat

When it gets colder, personalise your woolly hat in defiance of adverse weather conditions to keep your head and ears warm in a stylish way. Our practical beanies are easy to wear and just as easy to stow away in your pocket or bag. One size fits all, both men and women.

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