Custom stickers with colorful designs stuck to various products: a skateboard, laptop, water bottle, etc.

Personalised stickers: make ideas stick

Sticker printing made easy

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How to make your own sticker

Upload an image or choose from thousands of available designs
Adjust your sticker's size, up to 10 x 10 cm
Choose your finish, then you're finished!

Your sticker, your design

Custom stickers stuck on gifts and notebooks

A special souvenir

Create personal photo stickers and hold on to happy memories

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Make your logo stick

Design stickers for your business and leave a lasting impression

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One sticker, infinite possibilities

Sticker on a small backpack
Statement-Sticker auf einem Pfosten
Sticker on a bike
Sticker on an electric guitar

FAQ – Want to know more about creating your own stickers?

What is the maximum size for a custom sticker?

You can choose to print your stickers in any shape or size up to 10 x 10 cm.

What are the stickers made from?

The stickers are made from highly durable waterproof vinyl.

What if I am not happy with my custom stickers, can I exchange or return them?

Yes, please see our help center for more information.

What shipping options can I use?

For an overview of our shipping options, please see here.

How long do bumper stickers last?

Tested to withstand most everyday usage, our bumper stickers will remain looking great and stuck fast until you decide the time has come to remove them. 

Which type of finishes are available when ordering my stickers?

Our stickers are available in three different finished, matt, gloss (shiny) and transparent. 

Are the stickers shipped in plastic free packaging?

Yes, all custom stickers are shipped eco-friendly packaging.  

Is there a minimum order number for custom stickers?

We think custom stickers are a great way of expressing yourself and showing off your individuality, which is why we offer custom stickers with no minimum order amount. Make one or make a hundred! 

Are bumper stickers legal in the UK?

Yes, as long as they do not obstruct the line of sight of the driver, and aren’t too funny and distracting - ok, we made that bit up.

How do you remove car bumper stickers?

With the right amount of care and the correct cleaning solution (warm soapy water or WD40) bumper stickers can be removed without any harm to the paintwork. Start at the corner, and gently peel away, adding a little of the lubricant as you go – A hair dryer can also be used to help remove the sticker. Avoid nail varnish remover on the paintwork as it can erode the paint, but it can be used on car windows.

Your personal graphics service

Have an idea, but lack the time or skills to make it a reality? Our experts help you make the design you're dreaming of at an affordable price.

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Small things, big impact

Create Cool Custom Stickers with Your Designs

Want to create a lasting impression, want to add a splash of colour to your life? Printing unique and personalised stickers allows you to do just that! Individually cut, you can choose from our large design library or upload your own design.

Glossy, Matte or Transparent – choose your finish

With Spreadshirt you can create your own vinyl stickers – for your personal use, or as a fun and unique gift. A choice of three different finishes; glossy, matte or transparent, mean you can get the perfect effect whatever the intended use. Also available is a larger size, perfect for car bumpers and windows. With quick turnaround and no minimum order amounts, your stickers will be with you in no time!

Personalised Stickers for Every Occasion

Need promo stickers for your next marketing campaign? Want to give your lunchbox or water bottle a little face lift – personalised stickers will work wonders. Personalised name stickers for a birthday party? No problem! Funny car bumper stickers needn’t be left in the 80’s – go crazy and show the world what really drives you.

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